Spiritual Guidance Reading.

I haven’t done one in a while and today it is raining here in Jackson County Oregon, so I felt very much inspired to do this spiritual reading. I love the rain, it’s one of those things that doesn’t rain in The summer very often here in Oregon. If you live here, it doesn’t rain as much, but recently we’ve been having a lot of rain, which is great because a lot of fires and we really need the water.

So we have to be aware of the causes of spiritual awakening. We have red white and brown. I want you to take a deep breath and relax and ask your spirit guides to guide you to the color that will offer you the guidance that you need at this point in your life or at this time these articles are timeless. All my articles are timeless. Ok, except the ones that say new moon or full moon, but all the other ones, all the spiritual guidance, all the pickup color cards.

All my readings are timeless and assist Your Spiritual Awakening. So whenever you are ready, go to the description box below and fast forward to the color that you chose. Remember these are general readings, so take what resonates and leave the rest behind if something doesn’t fit, don’t force it, but with spiritual guidance, you can always take some type of advice regardless. If it fits your situation or not, there’s something there’s always something you can take away from the article.

Your Spiritual Awakening,

I Am Feeling From Someone Here In Spiritual Awakening Insomnia, there’s a chance to change. I don’t know if this change is already happening for you. I don’t know if this change is something that you are wanting that you’re craving this change, but they are saying that you have to surrender to divine timing. You have to surrender to things coming according to a divine plan. You can force these changes to happen. For some of you, the changes that are happening, you feel a little tense about them.

Spiritual Guidance,

I feel someone reading this article has had a Deja Vu Spiritual Awakening and feel A Little Stressed Out About This Deja-Vu  There saying that these changes are within your family life within the family unit and there, saying that they’re blessed changes and just go with the flow. Okay just go with the flow. That’s what I’m hearing for someone out there. I am using five decks here for each stack and that’s it. Those are all of mine. Now my announcements and let’s get started with the reading.

So for those of you who picked option red, who have so. This is red and we have the number one it’s one in case you wanted to know the number if you’re into numerology. So new beginnings in Psych fad, okay, Wow destiny. Your destiny is to blossom to shine, to transform to ever greater light, Wow you’re living your destiny. Those of you who picked option red or something with destiny. Destiny is stepping in destiny and exploring the 5 stages of spiritual awakening.

Is your living your destiny or your seeking your destiny or you’re about to meet your destiny? That’s also another message: that’s coming for them, surrender to resentments resentment. You have a lot of red, red and red holding on to resentment, to only poison. You try to forgive others for their shortcomings and keep moving forward toward positive situations in your life. So someone here is holding on to a grudge you’re holding on to someone didn’t meet the expectation someone didn’t meet, I’m hearing someone going to meet you halfway and you’re.

Really pissed off at that or you’ve had an idea of how this person or how this situation was going to unfold for you and it didn’t spirit saying you need to let go of that resentment, because all that you are doing is literally that you’re drinking it’s Like you’re drinking poison, you’re poisoning yourself because when you hold on to grudges against yourself or against other people, we’re just holding judgment, judgment resentments in general, it only hurts you.

It doesn’t hurt the other person you’re, holding the grudge on that person could be living. Their lives are very happy and you’re over here, holding a grudge on that person, so you’re the one that is actually not living your life fully right, so no holding onto judgments. No, just forgive that’s what I’m hearing just thank you, okay, just freak out. Who is it that you need to forgive in your life? Is it yourself? Are there other people? Is it a parent? Is it a loved one? Is it an ex who do you need to forgive? Is it a sibling who did not meet the expectations that you thought that they had to meet or just because you thought they were perfect and all of a sudden, you realized that they weren’t, and that made you fall into disappointment and resentment.

A person disappointed you in some way you have to forgive them. Remember forgiveness, it’s not you saying it’s okay for what you did if they do if they did do something that was really wrong of them to do forgiving them doesn’t tell them that their behavior is. Okay, but it allows you to find peace within you and within the circumstances, and you can start healing okay, we have number four card of the dancing crane.

Sorry, there is nudity in this deck, so that is number four. So this card talks about your wanting to get away from something you’re wanting to start new you’re wanting to socialize with different people, you’re wanting to experience something new. If you’ve been I’m hearing, if you’ve been thinking of moving to relocate, changing jobs, changing groups of people wanting to network with different people, this card is telling you to go for it and it’s you’re spirituality test.

It will be a great experience for you. This card is also saying: stop falling into old habits; stop believing in those old patterns they’re, just social conditioning you’re, letting go of these social conditions and they’re, saying that, for some of you is just letting go of this resentment of forgiving people, forgiving others for others Of you, it’s letting go of social conditioning in the sense of maybe you have a belief that you’re not worthy of success, that only lucky people create abundance, or maybe that you’re not lucky, excuse me?

So what social condition is, what beliefs, what ideas are limiting? You are preventing you from reaching your destiny from living, your destiny, from shining your beautiful light. Why are you dimming your light with social conditioning? It’s time to? Let them go like this umbrella. Trying to let them fly away. Spirit is saying that you are allowed to change your beliefs and your ideas. You don’t need to it’s not like you sign the contract.

That says that, once you believe that you can never change it, you’re allowed to change your mind. You’re allowed to change your ideas and your beliefs about yourself and about other people, I’m hearing some of you have a really bad habit of holding on to this old story of old self-esteem. There’s something about old stories here, you’re holding on of old stories, whether that is you being the victim, you being not good enough for doing something or for being with someone you have to let go! You have to rewrite your story in a positive light in order for your destiny to blossom.

Some of you have this idea that abundance only happens to the rich. That abundance only happens to the really lucky people and you feel unlucky, and that’s not true. The reason why you don’t have this abundance or whatever it is that you won’t come to you, it’s because you’re holding on to these old ideas to these old beliefs that are not serving you anymore. They’re holding you back like a crane. You know a crane, that’s how that’s a crane to me is one of those things where you’re, like you know you, the machine that grabs the things like that I feel like you’re holding on so tightly to this thing.

Yeah, you need to let go. That’s just the truth. The next card is what you want. Wants you to look. How beautiful is that you want something, there’s something that you want. You want your destiny to manifest. You want your destiny to you to want to live your destiny, but you need to let go of this. You need to let go of these old people of these over resentments of these old stories of these old beliefs. These ideas, because, as I said, they’re, really not serving you, you know what you want it’s on its way to you.

If you already dealt with this and you have forgiven the people that you needed to forgive, if you have looked at yourself and you’ve done the work you’ve done, the healing you’ve changed old beliefs or at least acknowledge them. The moment you acknowledge them that you are aware, you take their power away and they no longer hold you back. It’s just the fact of you being aware of what beliefs are holding you back.

How are they holding you back,  ending up with spiritual awakening anxiety, it’s not so much what you can do about them right now is just being aware of them, will allow your destiny or destiny to step in and bring you what it is that you want adult children, some of you. This has to do with childhood. Maybe you learned a pattern from a parent. Maybe one of your parents was a martyr. Maybe one of your parents was a narcissist and they felt entitled, and so now you feel entitled, and that has always held you back.

Maybe that’s a belief that you’re, like you, know what I’m entitled to this I’m entitled to that. You know what did it? What is it that you have learned in your childhood that it is affecting you now that it is affecting your path to living your full potential or reaching your destiny? I’m going to read that off the guidebook okay, adult for children. This card comes to you because of changes involving your children, who are now grown okay, so some of you, maybe according to the belief that you were, you were your mother.

We are here to help you, and so get on over to https://www.SonicNova.net and receive the spiritual guidance you may need that you don’t find online. So there’s one thing that I want to share with you that I have been doing for several months. I’ve been kind of in trial period about it to see why the spirit was showing me to do this, and whether or not I could share it With you and so, given the green light, I’m going to share this with you at the end of our weekly spiritual guidance right here.

So if you’re new to our blogs, you will find the 5 stages of spiritual awakening, take a beautiful deep breath in raising your vibration at the sound of the bell and go ahead and focus on all things bright, the what you’re manifesting everything that you want, your healing your family’s healing wealth, abundance, security, stability. Whatever it is true, love welcoming all of that beautiful divine energy and divine timing. It is being ordained for you to align with people assigned to you, your purpose, and your calling grounding whatever it is, and ask yourself why did I have a spiritual awakening?

That is what you want in your life. That’s what you’re to focus on, okay! So let’s go ahead and do that and type in your one, one, one oneness: the opening of the spirit realm. That prepares you to hear to receive and to absorb your spiritual guidance completely. You ready, all right. Take a beautiful, deep breath in raising your vibration, deep, profound, deep; you’re challenging your human now come on in, come on in, come on in, and on your exhale you’re, going to lower your shoulders, relax your human! Let’s try that again, and I’m hearing already that the winds are settling the dust. There are many spiritual awakening books you can read and learn the causes of spiritual awakening.

The storm is passing, you must begin anew, and you must say farewell to people in your past that ship has sailed and it has. These are naysayers. These are doubters. These are toxic people. This is a disease. This is samsara, it’s all things that are the opposite of the divine’s energy that lives deep inside of you, and that is helping you move forward to create that life and that which you’re keeping right here in your heart.

It’s a heart box, and it’s locked, and it’s just it’s very special to you, and you’re not sharing it with everybody. Some you’re not sharing it with anybody. This is a goal. This is something that you’re hanging on to this. Is that hope – and it is coming true, and so the spirit is telling you belief, keep believing. Let me pull out what I’m seeing. Thank you so much, and your strength. Okay, thank you so much divine source.

We are so grateful. Thank you so much. Thank you. So very much, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Some people are meant to be in your life for a little bit. Some are meant to stay longer. Thank you, so much divine source. Thank you for allowing me to blog our spiritual guidance with 100% accuracy. Thank you so much, but you’re ending that merry-go-round you’re done with the Samsara, you’re done with everything that is not right, and spirit is telling you to believe.

Guidance from higher self, guides and Angels!

Guidance from higher self, guides, and Angels!

It would help if you believed that it is happening. You must see it to believe it. You must know that hope is there, and you do not have to sacrifice your morals, integrity, ethics, and standards. You simply have to believe the battle is already won. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. This is a new day of a new dawn. The sun is rising all throughout the day. This is a constant progression. This is nothing set in stone, so go in that direction in taking a spiritual awakening test tree of life here on my website by going to this page what-is-a-Starseed?

That spirit is sending you in, but don’t live. There continue to walk forward in silence. Some of you are in the entertainment system or industry. It feels like a system. It feels like you’re not um. It feels like you feel like a robot. It feels like it’s just automated, and you want something: that’s freer. It’s just. It allows you to have the freedom and not be chained to these rules anymore, and you want that freedom of expression. here on my website by going to this page spiritual awakening test chakras

You want that creativity of expression and work on that play work on that manuscript work. Or on those lyrics. I see you writing uh notes, song notes, and tearing up the paper for those of you in that industry. Take the ones that you’ve already crumbled up, put them together, and synergize those compilations because it’s not just the one thing. That spirit wants you to focus on it. It’s all of the above, thank you, so much spirit is helping you bring them together.

Thank you so much. Thank you. So much all is for not n-o-u-g-h-t. Thank you so much. Rest assured that the battle is won. Thank you so much. This is time for your healing, for it has already begun. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much divine source. We are so grateful. Thank you. So much so as your spirit is telling you to listen to me. Listen to me; your spirit guides are talking very clearly to you.

Listen to me, listen to me, and then you will see. Let me lead you all to the light when you are having spiritual awakening anxiety. Thank you. So much. Thank you so much. Okay, completion has already happened, and many of you have to believe that you have to walk in that path, and you have to cry when you need to, but you can’t live there. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I am here to share with you our uh, how to get 10 minutes of FREE spiritual coaching with me, so stay tuned.

Thank you, divine source. Thank you so much, so many of you are seeing the signs. The omens keep up, write them down. You’re not writing your plan. You must have that strategy, keep going okay, it’s paying off, but you have to keep going you’re laying those bricks. You are writing the plan, as you see it in your mind’s eye, and as you hear it, you are changing your divine blueprint in which you’ve lived your young life; I’m hearing you have to do something different to get what you are requesting of me and I’m guiding you what to do I’m guiding you where to go, I’m suggesting you who to converse with I am showing you this divine opportunity.

The I am presence showing you what to eat and what not to eat – and when you keep ignoring them, I AM presence, hear me now. Listen to me. Listen to that inner voice; that’s in your heart and soul. That’s God!, The spirit! or Divine Source – and you know Divine Source comes to us in the way, one can hear it unless you’re blocked – This is why I am here to assist you and guide you back into your Divine Center. Thank you so much. Thank you! So much! Gratitude brings in an ultimate attitude of Grace. Okay, that’s like it’s complete! Please show me: is it all going to be all right?

authentic use of power, true power, higher consciousness

Mastering yourself is true power!

Thank you so much, your inner being as asking you to hear me see me touch me. Feel me, don’t ignore me. I walk with you. I am you. I am a part of you. You are not alone. Every subject is two subjects wanted and not wanted, the spiritual meaning to wholeness. Is the help you’re asking for remember you’re not doing this alone spirit in giving and receiving energy? That’s in your frequency. If you want to be successful, you need to accept the help you have to stop ignoring it. You have to stop being arrogant so skeptical of everything. You have to honor your intuition, and spirit is right there with the zero of you, the infinite self.

This is the Divines number, so you’ve already begun. Now you have to receive that next step and receive the help you’ve been praying for, and it’s not always going to be what you want it to be. It’s going to be what you need, how you need it, and it’s going to challenge you. Every subject is two subjects there is that which you desire and the lack of it, often even when you believe you are thinking about something that you desire.

You are thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire. Thank you so so much, Divine Source. We are so grateful. Thank you so much. Thank you so much! Okay! Thank you! So much! Okay! Okay! Okay! Now, spiritual superstars, I’m hearing don’t get caught up in the image.

Don’t get caught up in the image peace offering. Don’t get caught up in any images? This energy brings the resolution of an argument or misunderstanding. Those involved in the situation are ready to forgive and forget. When you get caught up in the image and in the argument or misunderstanding, you are caught up in EGO or the mind play, which will bring you more pain and suffering. Are you fed up with the pain and suffering you have experienced and are still experiencing now?

I hear someone saying I don’t forget. I’m not going to forget only in cases where there has been a hard lesson to learn and not repeat this experience. You need to forget once you are on the other side of this experience, and you’re not repeating your negative patterns. Remember what spirit just told you about your desire. When you are in a negative sping of consciousness because your mind/EGO has such a stronghold on you, you are hanging on to the wrong energy and being open to seeing the other person’s point of view soften any higher feelings. As you allow compassion into the situation, love’s healing power ensures that everyone’s needs are met. Harmoniously. Leave the details about how this situation will be resolved to the infinite abundant wisdom of source.

You need not know how it is to be healed.

You need to believe the white buffalo calf woman brings harmony to our relationships, softens the approach, and causes us to view the messenger through the eyes of the divine, allow her to help you forgive and forget what you are unable to forget and forgive on your own because it is holding you hostage to the past, in which you did not create you survived. You are in motion to move forward now to receive the complete manifestation of the healing you asked for many months ago.

That is, all cycle is complete. Let’s take a deep breath: okay, all right, I’m hearing that it’s not quite time for me to share this practice that I’ve been doing to deepen my gifts, and I am not to share it openly. I am to be very selective about who I share this with. If you are open to learning more about what I’ve been doing to open my gifts to a level that you’ve seen today, email me, or you can access me directly right on my private website chat, and if you are open to 10 minutes of free spiritual coaching we can do a 10-minute session on chat. We have different discount packages available, and I will tell you and share the details, or one of my admins if you email me. I pray that you stay safe and healthy and be blessed. Thank you for your support. If you like this blog, feel free to share it on your Social media network.

If you have received value today and subscribe to my website, come on back for more spiritual guidance, and I’ll see you soon. Love you, the universe loves you!

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