If you are familiar with my work and who I am at all, then you know quite well that I am a highly sought-after psychic healer, clairvoyant, remote viewer, and medical intuitive. I have thousands of testimonials that attest to this fact. But I also wanted to underscore the fact that I am also a shamanic healer, very much in touch with the land and plant and animal kingdoms, who can tune into the Earth-bound energies in order to heal my clients as well. Really, I employ my shamanic powers whenever I engage with a client, reading into their quantum fields to see what they require in order to attain balance and true healing. Some readings, however, call for me to bring out my shamanic powers more than others. This often includes utilizing my knowledge of herbal cures, homeopathy, and natural supplements – but still saving you tons of money in the process compared to what you would normally pay most “alternative cure” specialists. This includes alternative cancer cure specialists, which I am as well.

Shamanic Healing Expertise and More

So, you could say that my approach to alternative healing is definitely intuitive, case-by-case, and holistic, in the highest sense of the word. Let me read your “life map” and fine-tune your quantum field, while also addressing your dietary and naturopathic supplement “prescription” as well! My 40+ years of expertise tells the story, but – find out for yourself by visiting my Testimonials, Services, and About Me page to see what I can do. I also give a free consultation in the shamanic healing or psychic reading department as well, so don’t be shy – and don’t put off your quantum sea-change and new approach to permanent healing in your life any longer!

Catch me now, while you can, at my super-low rates (among the lowest for who I am and what I do), and regain balance, health, sanity, and your true self’s aim and purpose with a shamanic healing session with me, Sonic Nova!