It has become apparent to me, Sonic Nova, that there is a great deal of fear or misunderstanding built up around the idea of the psychic individual – whether you term them a clairvoyant, oracle, seer, etc. The word “psychic” seems to conjure up a plethora of strange or negative emotions, prejudices, or plain thinking, replacing common sense, reason and open mindedness with a kind of reactionary fear, almost akin to what occurred with the presence of “wise women” or “wise ones” of past ages of ignorance and misunderstanding.

Who or What Perpetuates Fear of Psychics?

There is no doubt that the powers that be certainly fear anyone who’s a seer, psychic, etc., if for no other reason than that those people pose a direct threat to their power structure by being able to remote view and see through their web of lies and misinformation. But, the common man and woman – what have they to fear when it comes to the psychic talent? I propose that it is because of a widespread media campaign to discredit the psychic (for the aforementioned reasons) that there exists the fear and ignorance aligned against the psychic in the first place. The common man and woman have absolutely nothing to fear, and in fact everything to gain by soliciting the (true) psychic, who can peer into the crystal ball of their lives and see what areas need work, and more specifically, what love or career matches may be on the horizon waiting for them.

So, I say forget the media disinformation, lies, and discrediting of the psychic which has occurred in a big way in our western culture, and know in thy hearts, dear readers, that yes – there are ones among you who were born to see; who were wired to look beyond ordinary, mundane existence into the hereafter, or eternal world, and benefit any and all (who have the eyes to see and ears to hear) who come to us for aid in seeking answers and healing in their lives. Forget the fear and lies and discover a psychic today who can offer you fresh new perspective with her otherworldly senses (I, Sonic Nova), and allow my visions to begin to heal you of all that has held you back from living the full potential of who and what you are for so long!