Sign up for my weekly channeling events and learn how to become a channel for beings beyond this world! Start yourself off with my Weekly membership level – Virtual Weekly Channeling Events, which are $25.99 now. That’s $25.99 per week, which gives you the ability to opt-in on a weekly basis. For those of you that plan on signing up for multiple weeks, consider the next level up – the basic level Monthly Membership – Virtual Weekly Channeling Events, which gives you a full four weeks, or one month of weekly channeling events, at a cost of only $89.99 for the first month and then $100.00 every 30 Days thereafter.

The value here is tremendous, as I am able to directly impart to YOU how to develop your intuitive channeling abilities and intuitive skills so that you can instantly and effortlessly “lock in” the voices of the ascended masters, as well as be able to discern whether they are of light or dark intention.

Different Types of Channeling Classes

Once you have successfully “graduated” my weekly virtual channeling events course, you’re going to want to, likely, follow-up by taking my Increasing Intuitive and Channeling Abilities Beginners 101 Course for only $285.00, and which gives you a 6-month membership. This is an intermediate course that will help you further develop how to hone your intuitive and channeling abilities. After that, then you can work your way up to my more intermediate courses, including Increasing Intuitive, Channeling/Mediumship, Telepathic Pet Abilities Intermediate 202 Course (where you will learn the crossover into mediumship) and the intermediate-to-advanced level Increasing Intuitive, OBE Experience, Channeling, Telepathic Abilities Advanced 303 Course.

So, you get the opportunity through my channeling classes to learn many skills at the same time which will bring out the multifaceted psychic in you. You will be able to see into your own life at the quantum level – as well as the lives of loved ones, those who have passed over, yours and others’ pets, and, in short, be able to develop your “quantum mind” to a supernal level of mastery!

To sum up: You’ll get a tremendous value that’s innately priceless when you take my weekly virtual channeling events and other channeling classes! You discover and learn to increase or enhance your channeling abilities, while at the same time pairing up your channeling abilities with other related intuitive and psychic skills which will eventually give you the ability to be your own psychic guru or oracle whom many will seek out for your channeling skills and otherwise!