Sign up for my semi-monthly mediumship classes, and I will teach you how to do what I do – become a medium for higher beings and ascended masters! Learn mediumship from me, Sonic Nova, and I will get your mediumship abilities to an advanced level, where you, too, can become a medium for metaphysical, disembodied entities. My mediumship classes will also feature instruction on pet telepathic abilities (how to be better able to communicate telepathically with your pet), conscious and trans-channeling, how to increase your intuitive abilities, soul infusion and re-connection, and remote healing for beginners.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is when you are the in-between for a deceased relative or disembodied spirit who wishes to communicate with one you as the medium act as the conduit for in communication. I, Sonic Nova, can do this on demand and instantaneously, and can show you how to do it as well. During mediumship I connect with the deceased loved one, and require the first name and date of birth of the loved one, then I psychically connect with that departed yet still in existence individual or soul, then I ask them if they are ready or if they would like to communicate with the client or individual who requested the reading, and if they agree, then I begin sharing information which they telepathically share with the client through me or the medium. I can describe the individual who crossed over to the inquiring client, in order to verify that it is indeed who is the subject of the mediumship session, and can and will teach you the student how to do this in the same way. You will likely be able to do this as automatically as I do it by the end of my classes, if you truly want to know how to become a medium and let the process work!

How Much Do Your Mediumship Classes Cost?

One eight-hour class, or one-day workshop costs a mere $399.00. It is split into two four-hour segments, and covers the aforementioned items along with mediumship training. With this class you will truly know how to become a medium and develop your mediumship skills in an ongoing way throughout your life. My advice would be to take multiple semi-monthly mediumship classes, until you feel you “have it down”. I would highly suggest taking the 4-part series workshops and others of the psychic training classes for fully understanding and fully absorbing the practical and spiritual training involved in learning mediumship, trans-channeling, and intuitive healing abilities.