With its many references to out-of-body and mystical experiences, plus anecdotes about channeling friendly (and not-so-friendly) ETs, telekinesis, bending time and space, and my ESP/psychic/clairvoyant abilities, my new book “We All Go to Heaven” is more than just an autobiography – it is an account of a life lived in two worlds: this one of duality and 3-D reality, and the one beyond the veil, free of space-time, boundless. It is a true-to-life telling of what awaits us after death – which is just life expanded, or life on a quantum level. Read it, and you will truly get to know me Sonic Nova, aka Sonia Novick, one of the world’s few true seers, and how I acquired my powers of second sight and healing abilities!

Journey Beyond Life and Death Into True Wisdom

“We All Go to Heaven” is a true account which includes my two death experiences – when I died twice, at ages five and fourteen – along with experiences with ETs, and 40-plus years now of seeing beyond! My psychic skills, which likely were conferred upon me around the time of my two death experiences, have gifted me with a lifetime of being able to read people, places, and events in the past, present, and future, and subsequently allow me to coach my clients regarding their health, relationship, and financial concerns. If you’ve had a reading from me, you know I am the real thing. Reading my book is like getting a huge general reading about life on this planet – and it will only cost you the equivalent of about a ten minute reading from me!

You will not only get my true-to-life (and death) accounts of our spiritual reality, but also my “spiritual philosophy” as well, as well as my thoughts about the destiny of Earth and all life upon it. There are also entire chapters which are basically transcriptions of channelings I have done for who I call the Avatar Consciousness Group – a group of around 150 beings, or conscious entities who dwell in a far corner of the Universe, and who transmit their wisdom through me as their vehicle. I can bring them in at will, as well as other beings, such as Archangels, to help elucidate any current issue that needs to be clarified.

Order your copy of “We All Go to Heaven” by contacting me directly, either by email or phone, and get your copy at a discount from Amazon.