Happy New Year everyone – now’s the time to make a new resolution to restore your health with my alternative healing methods that are designed to cure any so-called disease out there (under the conditions I have laid out governing proper client aspect to my ministrations)! Don’t believe me? Just check out my testimonials page and bio for the proof that I, Sonic Nova, truly can provide the alternative healing cure, treatment, therapy – whatever you want to call it – for any and ALL of the major illnesses that afflict us today. Whether you suffer from diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Lyme disease, stomach and bowel ailments, heart disease, or even the dreaded cancer, I can provide you with the alternative healing protocol you’re looking for, and won’t find in the hospitals and clinics. There is no 100% guarantee of cure, however, though I have a 99.9% success rate.

Alternative Healing Methods For Any and All

But, my alternative healing methods go way beyond just physical ailments. Any energetic healer worth their salt will tell you that disease will manifest in multiple bodies besides the physical one, these being the emotional, psychic or intellectual, spiritual, energetic, and astral. We are made up of many more aspects than simply what we see in the mirror. What we don’t see reflected back to us is the stuff that gets anchored or which originates in our more “subtle” bodies. Anyone who’s studied psychology and/or metaphysics knows that as human beings, we can harbor things in the aforementioned aspects of our being which will present as what we call disease – or dis-ease, being out of ease with ourselves.

You see, all diseases are merely symptoms of a greater problem within your being – aside from the stuff that can be cleared up by changing your diet or quitting certain bad habits, like alcohol or drugs. I should say most diseases. Others are caused by things like candida and intestinal flukes, which cause the conditions in the body such as acidosis, which opens the door wide open to many potentially deadly ailments and diseases, but which can be removed with special dietary and supplement protocols which I am well-versed in. Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to rid yourself of what ails you, rather than trying to cover it up or avoid it, as so many do. Look at my rates for services and ask yourself, “Can I afford not to do this?”

As a psychic, medical intuitive, and energetic healer, I have a lifetime of wisdom on this issue. Contact me today and let’s get started – my alternative healing methods are there to be taken advantage of!