This service is done on a single individual; Quantum Energy Field Coaching Energy Clearing. •Welcome to your Quantum Field Container, where all your desired possibilities will become manifest if you practice every day with us. •Here are the steps to your freedom in a state of gratitude while in session, we will do the following: •Personalized Quantum Filed Container Induction session audio recording and a 4-minute video recording with the 90-minute session. •Please find a comfortable place to sit or lie down to meditate for the next hour. •Turn off all distractions. •Close your eyes, relax, Breath slowly deep breath in a deep breath out. •. Let’s all get into rhythmic breathing for the next 5 minutes, deep long breaths in and out. •As you go deeper and deeper into meditation, ask yourself the following question: WHAT IS THE GREATEST IDEAL OF MYSELF THAT I CAN BE TODAY? •To recreate your new unlimited positive personality into the new YOU, let go of your old personality with these negative programmed behaviors. (This may require an additional hour of Certified Life Coach services. •Achieve body, mind, heart coherence so you can manifest your desired outcomes in our session. •Your results in manifesting all depend on you and how deeply embedded your unconscious your shadow material lies within your subconscious mind to dissolve this negative pattern within the subject!) Quantum Energy Field Meditation Coaching Distorted Energy Clearing Sessions