Private Remote Viewing Sessions


This session involves – using my Remote viewing (RV) skill set – the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target or future potential by using subjective means of intuitive “reading” of the biophotonic field; My Remote Viewing skills allow me to peer into your present circumstances.

• Health issues: My Remote Viewing is better than any MRI or any technology MDs have available today doing medical intuitive healing session!
• Sacred Space: Heal the land your home was built on – consecrate your land and home;
• Relationship issues: reading your love interest’s hidden thoughts or agenda in regards to you, my client;
• Animal Issues: Health, Emotional, Or Other;
• Business Issues
• Employment Issues
• Testing/Test Issues: Academic, Employment, or other
Other issues or events can be seen with my holographic mind remotely seeing, feeling, smelling, sensing, reading minds fully sensing (clairsentient) with my heart center what feelings the subject has at the moment, or has had. As well if need be my Trans-Channeling skills will also be utilized in these private remote viewing sessions!


Private Remote Viewing (RV) Avatar Sessions:

(To answer personal questions as well as working on raising vibrational frequencies of land, homes, individuals, pets, etc.,)

Additional information

Private Remote Viewing

120 mins Session $300.00, 15 mins Session $45.00, 30 mins Session $75.00, 60 mins Session $150.00, 90 mins Session $225.00


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