Past Life Regression or Akashic Reading


This session involves – a Past Life Akashic reading where a subject / client doesn’t not undergo hypnosis since their is not enough time to hypnotize the cleint: in order for me to access your past life memories though the Akashic Records that are held in their Causal Body meaning: “The Causal/Spirit Body is named “Causal” because it is the originating source of each personality that incarnates in each and every consecutive lifetime.

The source of your personality, is the cause and effect that exist in each consecutive lifetime, this is where your KARMA is stored and transfers over from life time to lifetime to be finally dissolved. When your personality ends its life and you die, leave your physical body, the essence of you is your Spirit which is reabsorbed back into the Causal Body and into your Soul!

Past lives regression is a technique where [we can use hypnosis if you so choose but only in a 1 hr. or longer sessions] in order to recover what we experts, practitioners are memories of past lives or incarnations embedded in cellular memory stored in our “Causal body”=(Akashic Records) this data gets imprinted in every incarnation the spirit and soul chooses to incarnate into. Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience or uncovering past life traumas that affects your present life.
This session includes the idea of repressed memories of past lives that currently is affecting your present life situations wreaking havoc in all sorts of ways thereby it can affect all areas of people’s life.

Once uncovered, then we can get to the root cause of past life negative patterns and have these negative patterns evaporate from your life permanently, resulting in clearing your Karma, therefore experiencing no more havoc in your current life situations!

Your Past Life Regression Session or Akashic Reading  awaits you!



Private Past Life Regression / Akashic Reading or Session.

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Past Life Regression

1hr Session $155, 30 min Session $75


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