Core Explanation of the RV/RI skill-set I do for clients with my Remote Viewing and Influencing Services
Harnessing of the Superpowers of the MindRemote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target or future potential by using subjective means; in particular:
1. Fully seeing with my third eye which is holographic in nature;
2. Fully sensing with my heart center what feelings the subject has at the moment or has had;
3. Fully reading their thoughts with my telepathic capabilities, reading their hidden thoughts or agenda regards to you, my client;
4. I’m also able to read the targets’ current thoughts;
5. This Remote Viewing capability allows me to assist in doing remote medical intuitive healing sessions.
6. My Remote Viewing skills allow me to peer into your present circumstances, health issues, relationship issues, animal issues, business issues, employment issues, test issues, or other events, with a holographic mind.
Typically a remote viewer is able to give information about an object, event, person, situation or location which is hidden from view and separated by distance. In order to successfully remote view, an individual must operate at a level of mind where he/she will show electrical brain wave traces with Theta waves oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second being predominate. Psycho-physiologists call this the Deep Theta level of the mind.