This service is done on a single home a house; Removing of Poltergeist in a person’s home removing Spirit extractions from home or the family inhabiting this home. I prefer to name it: distorted energy fields also known as “Poltergeist Exorcism” “In folklore and parapsychology, a poltergeist (German for “noisy ghost”) is a type of ghost or other supernatural being responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects moved around or destroyed. Most accounts of poltergeists describe movement or levitation of objects, such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors. Poltergeists have also been claimed to be capable of pinching, biting, hitting and tripping people.” Believed to manifest its presence by rapping’s and other noises and also by acts. The German Poltergeist has odd ideas about invading other people’s homes haunted homes.