You and all of us humans are CREATORS OF REALITY: your “manifesting switch” is turned on 24-7-365. Everyone’s challenge is if you don’t have a clear vision of “what” you wish to manifest into your life, then you’re going to create a lot of distortions in your life!
The random background info of your subconscious and the collective unconscious coupled with ancestral habits, ingrained patterns and scattered, unfocused thought-forms will be what imprints onto the creational womb of your life and out-pictures itself onto the holographic quantum filed or the canvas of your reality. Hence you are experiencing what you perceive to be negative experiences in your life, but even these negative experiences are created by your thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious they are your creations!
Want to stop suffering these malformed creations of yours?
• Dissolve negative imprints of these unconscious grooved in behavioral patterns are absolutely necessary to be revealed to your conscious mind in order for you to gain self-awareness of negative patterns in order to dissolve them, this is part of the work I do with those willing to go into these deep waters of behavioral patterning in order to re-pattern your canvas of life!
• Permitting you to get Crystal Clarity to allow the new unencumbered you to take root!
• It allows you to Get Crystal Clarity of your visions and thoughts of what you truly want to create then drive these imprints home to your subconscious and conscious mind where it will take root and blossom into a new life experience for you!
• Unwinding these psycho-spiritual patterns, appear to resurface what people need to realize is that these negative patterns are multilayered in the unconscious belly-mind and as we unwind each patterned layer another negative patterned layer surfaces to be liberated!
• Because of this deep psycho-spiritual work we collaborate on and co-create as a team a new paradigm, clients are responding and reporting that these patterns do NOT come back!
• Work on the resistance within yourself, I promise it will surface, and these are the key indicators to uncovering unconscious negative patterns that will arise from the psycho-spiritual region where they are held is in your body!
• Change occurs quickly and gracefully once you allow this process to unfold!
• Once we have unwound several layers of these unwanted unconscious grooved in patterns now, you will have space to have great clarity of the vision of what is truly desired by you the creator of your reality, and your purpose emerges with ease and grace!