Body Scan session: I can see into your organs and look into your body to discern the cause of your disease. Dis-ease = being out of ease with oneself. I can give you insights on all aspects of your life as a Health and Wellness coach, With this session, I am simply seeing into your physiology with my specialized intuitive and Remote Viewing Holographic skill-set. We have the answers to your questions regarding your disease or ill health and why you’re sick. What is at the core of your health issues or concerns. Tired of Medical Professionals Not being Able To Diagnose YOU? You have come to the right place! Restore your body, experience radiant health! Do you have Cancer or other immune compromised diseases? Have the medical professionals sent you home to die? If so we together can change this outcome and get you back into the pink of radiant health with my vast knowledge of how to restore your body back to health! • I will get to the root cause of your symptoms that caused the out-picturing of your disease to manifest in your body. • This is where I will make recommendations to get a package which offers multiple coaching healing sessions depending on the severity of your disease, this can take multiple weekly sessions. • Included in your healing package: • Together, we focus on diet and nutrition through food and supplementation suggestions. • Here is where I outlay specific foods that you need to stay away from that your body has sensitivities to, or it’s plainly causing the disease to proliferate in your body. • I will test each food groups, supplements, and condiments you’re consuming to let you know which foods are killing you slowly (or even quickly)! • We will co-create a “LIFESTYLE DIET CHANGE” as I like to call it because no one wants to be on a “diet”. Here, I will coach you on how to prepare simple, scrumptious dishes. • You and I can co-create yummy 5-star easy-to-make menus since I am a Cordon Blue Chef and Raw Food Chef amongst my other culinary talents! • This will enhance your healing and permanent recovery from your disease if you commit to this “LIFESTYLE DIET CHANGE”. and voila! We clear it out of your body for good! • Remote quantum healing sessions are included if so desired. Please review which package will best fit your needs or ask your healing coach.