Get ready for a great cosmic shake-up, folks…here comes Planet X, aka Nibiru, or the “dark star” of age-old myth, to usher us out of the Iron Age and into the Golden Age of New, Higher Consciousness, peace, light, love, and unity! Just in case you are still in the dark (ha ha ha) regarding this cosmic awakener and custodian of Earthly goings-on, know that it is already in our solar system, halfway between Mars and Jupiter, and set to make its Earthly rendezvous sometime in the next 18 months, likely much sooner than that. Planet X (Nibiru) has already greatly shaken things up on our fragile, inconstant world, and things will only continue to get hairier and stranger yet!

Planet X – Nibiru: Game Changer Extraordinaire

The ancients knew it by many different names and guises: Quetzelcoatl to the Mayans, for instance, Kachina to the Hopis; but what I want to get across to you my readers is this: there is nothing to fear regarding this galactic messenger of hope and change (unlike another who recently promised hope and change and cannot fulfill it). It is not “the end of the world,” or a fiery Apocalypse of fire and brimstone, Old Testament-style. No, Planet X – Nibiru – is simply an exchequer for this solar system, keeping all the planets in check, and regulating the way of life and creation on all worlds so that destructive ways never get a toe-hold here.

Many of its 3,600-year cycles have been chronicled, which show almost unequivocally that Nibiru is some kind of itinerant visitor bringing massive change – no more massive has it been, mind you, than right now in 2016, and I’m sure you all can feel the truth of that! It’s job seems to be to custodian massive upheavals and vicissitudes, as a manager, if you will, of the planetary forces undergoing great pressures and metamorphoses in our solar system at fairly regular intervals.

So, nothing to fret or worry about, but you should have all your spiritual ducks in a row – meaning, be on the right side of the “wrath” of Planet X Nibiru, be in “right aspect” with the world, yourself, and the Universe, and you won’t have any reason at all to be nervous, but instead, to celebrate!