Online Psychic Readings

You read that right. Online psychic readings from experienced clairvoyant Sonic Nova will put you face to face with your destiny on this planet! Sonic can help you find that soul mate that’s been eluding you, or a dream job or career, diagnose a health  problem as a medical intuitive, and aid in bringing you back to health, plus much more.

The supremely-gifted psychic and intuitive healer Sonic Nova is a lifelong remote viewer, channeler, and medium whose ministrations as a life coach have helped thousands find their perfect job, relationship partner, health and wellness, and path to destiny. She opens the doors on your life map with the keys of her innate psychic abilities, seeing into your future with a clarity and certitude that few possess. She is also certified as a(n):

Curse or Spell Removal Expert
12-Strand DNA Activation Counselor
Ascension Expert
Giver of Past Life Readings
Naturopath and Herbologist

With Sonic’s online psychic readings, you will find your love match, perfect job or career, channel a deceased loved one, or have Sonic become a medium for a number of ascended masters, such as Metatron, Archangel Michael, or the Avatar Consciousness Group, led by Commander Ashtar. She has one of the best online psychic chat rooms on various platforms, and does guaranteed private psychic readings which are given with the utmost discretion and candor.

Visit Sonic Nova today, and get your online psychic reading – after all, your destiny awaits you!