Negative Energy Clearing — Distorted Energy Realignment Everything is energy, including you. This is an absolute truth and does not need proof (although quantum physics provides scientific evidence).
As an electromagnetic creature, your frequency is matched to every vibration you send out into the universe. As a result, you attract experiences
and relationships that match your vibration.

Felling bad juju lingering in a space? Is it coming from you? Perhaps from others? Whatever it is, you’re not imagining it. Negative energy is real.
It is intended upon you either by Witchcraft or intent. Distorted energy is often the root of chaotic events that make life dull, and heavier.

How can you clean out distorted energy and restore more light to make your life more fulfilling? Let’s start by looking at energy and how it works:

How Energy Works:

Everything in the universe is constantly receiving and radiating energy.
This energy has a frequency that ranges from light to dark. Light energy is limitless, uncomplicated, and based on love.
The dark or shadow energy is thick and fear-based.

What frequency are you vibrating at? – You can detect this energy by the colors you see and sound you hear, or you may simply be aware of it.
Just take a moment to think before you talk.
Are your words and actions motivated by love, creativity, and truth or by control, the need to be perfect, and insecurity?

Signs You Have Bad Energy and Need Negative Energy Clearing

Demonic entities have been around since humans have.Based on how you feel within a place when you’re inside it, you can determine the type of energy present.
Here are several indicators that a place has negative energy:

• Tension: feeling suffocated, smothered, or even crushed.
• Negative relationships with spouses, children, family members, and friends.
• Criticism
• Constant tension
• Excessive whining from you or your family members
• The blame game in which family members are always pointing fingers
• Clutter and disarray

Best Ways to Clear Out Bad Energy Restore Positive Energy Today.

Negativity is toxic to your entire system. Clear out negative energy and restore your state of feeling whole, peace, love, and joy.

1. “Run Energy” Through the Chakras

The head of Kether is rooted above the Sefirot in Ein Sof, the Divine nature of the Creator.

The head of Kether is rooted above the Sefirot in Ein Sof, the Divine nature of the Creator.

Chakras are psycho-spiritual energy centers of human consciousness. Each chakra reflects a different facet of the human experience,
with both a dark and a bright side. When the chakra system is out of balance, the body traps pain. Pain, in turn, hinders the right flow of energy,
which is experienced as stress or physical distress.

By running energy through the chakras with a spiritual guru, one restores system equilibrium by bringing the emotions, body,
and mind into alignment with the soul. By clearing dense energy, the body realigns with the source energy. As such, it sharpens our clarity and

2. Health, and Wellness Intuitive Coaching

At times, restoring holistic mind-body wellness is easier said than done. Luckily, with health and wellness intuitive coaches, this can be achieved. Such experts evaluate all aspects of your life and your overall health to see how they are interconnected. As such, you can navigate the contradictory and complex world of spirituality to discover what genuinely works for you.

3. Meditation and Pranayama Exercises

Meditation’s silence has a powerful healing effect on the psycho-emotional state of the body. It aids in the restoration of balance and happiness
throughout your entire system. Meditation also relieves muscle tension, reduces restlessness, and decreases blood pressure.

Moreso, it helps to lower stress hormones. It also allows people to think about what they say and do. Finally, meditation transports people to a
condition of pure consciousness, free of any negativity. Additionally, body movement and Yoga are effective at cleansing negative energy in the
mind and body. They assist in the removal of negative energy blockages by mobilizing and draining the negative energy from your system.

Bring the Mind, Body, and Emotions Into Attunement With the Soul — Restore Balance Within Your System

Are you radiating negative energy? Sometimes you may have no idea where it’s coming from. It could be intended upon you by Witchcraft or
Conjured disembodied entities by a dark arts practitioner. As such, the negative energy is projected to you.

No need to worry! Whatever it is, with an experienced medium/psychic or spiritual coach, you can restore balance within your system through
negative energy clearing. Bring the mind, body, and emotion into attunement with the soul today. Reach out!