MRI alternative body scan for breast cancer screening.Why an MRI Alternative to a Breast Cancer Screening?

Millions of women suffer needlessly in our current epidemic of bad doctoring and ineffective medical “care” that treats not the source of illness, but instead drags you through an incomprehensible program of barbarity and stupidity. How can I say this, or make these claims? It’s quite easy: Our medical system has flatly failed us. But, there is hope — I, Sonic Nova, offer you an MRI alternative that can do a breast cancer screening for FAR less than the high cost of mainstream cancer care, and, the best part for many, I can do it all remotely. That’s right — wherever you are in the world, you can stay home, and avoid medical barbarism, and the high mammogram cost, indignity, and uselessness.

I say useless, because, for all of the technology, labor, and discomfiture involved, a breast cancer screening via MRI and the mammogram cost involved surely cannot guarantee anything except some pain, time wasted with medical waste and nonsense, and (at best) some kind of official statement by a physician that will be discouraging, or a non-event. With my medical intuitive skills, however, you can forego all that and embrace the way, as Mother Nature and the avatars of higher consciousness intended for us. You see, the same forces that put the Oracles at Delphi have put me in the position I have occupied for many years: working for better human health on all levels.

Got MRI Alternatives Claustrophobia Sufferers?

It’s not only to save time, money, and dignity wasted in medical facilities — I offer an MRI alternative for claustrophobia sufferers, and those who need:

  • An alternative to MRI for knees
  • An alternative to MRI for pacemaker patients
  • Alternatives to MRI for back pain and spinal issues
  • Alternative to MRI for brain scan
  • To throw away MRI anxiety medication

And the reasons to get an MRI alternative body scan from me don’t end there. If you don’t know how to stay calm during a MRI scan, or just hate getting MRI scans in general — call me and end the medical anxiety and attendant health avoidance. Put your health and wellness first, and let me, Sonic Nova, guide you to a better place, where you can save an astonishing amount of money on mammogram costs, and get a non-invasive, non anxiety-producing “breast cancer screening” from someone who has taken alternative healing to the very edge of human expertise and know-how.

How can I possibly provide an MRI alternative, you ask?

Ask my former clients who were cancer sufferers, and whose testimonials are on this site. They’ll tell you — Sonic healed me of what was causing cancer symptoms in my body (because cancer is simply a symptom of a bigger dis-ease — namely mitochondrial dysfunction combined with acidosis). She was able to see into my body from thousands of miles away and remotely influence the source of my illness, and turn back the process of destructive cell replication and metastasis. She presented me an alternative cancer cure that was a mere fraction of the cost of oncology treatment, mammogram cost, and mainstream cancer treatment in general.

And, no, you don’t have to go to Mexico or the Philippines to get an amazing alternative cancer healing. Simply click the purple Book a a Session Now button on the right side of your screen, and make an appointment with me. It’s that simple. Just fill in your info, choose the session length you desire (I recommend at least 30 mins. so I have enough time to get to the bottom of your issues), and voila!

 A Tradition of Alternative Healing

Just as many doctors are descended from a long line of physicians, I am the product of a tradition of true healers, or curanderos. Curandero is the Spanish word for “healer,” (curandera for we females) in the shamanic healing sense, that is, and it runs in the family. My mother was one, though she ended up going the mainstream medical route into psychology. I do thank her, though, for showing me a side of the medical industry that, for me, displays prima facie evidence for what not to do, and how not to be with patients or clients. I can trace my genealogy all the way back to early Mongol empires. My ancestors (or, one of them) could have been the official court shamanic healer to Genghis Khan!

And so, we must endure — empires fallen into dust; health tyranny and systems of totalitarian, fascist dominance over our health freedom. And, we shall prevail. The light of common sense shall blind the eyes of greed and return us once again to a place of sanity. Because, believe me, you don’t need my opinions on the matter to convince you that something is terribly wrong out there, and its a fallacy or false notion that we have to give up, shrug our shoulders, and mutter, “Well, that’s just how it goes…death and taxes.” Uh-uh, people. We can indeed take full control of our health and wellness. And, it begins with awareness — something I can provide with my MRI alternative body scan sessions.

A curandera like me can give you a breast cancer screening MRI alternative.

What Does A Curandero Do?

Curanderos, or practitioners of curanderismo, believe good health is maintained by a delicate balance of hot and cold within the body. Because of this belief, much emphasis is placed on what a person eats, what their physical activities are, and what medications they are taking.

Depending on whether or not an illness is ‘hot’ or ‘cold,” a curandero will make adjustments to daily habits to help re-establish that temperature balance within the body.

“A curandero (or curandera for a female) is a traditional folk healer or shaman in Hispanic America, who is dedicated to curing physical or spiritual illnesses,” explains Elena Avila, MSN, RN, Curandera.

“The role of a curandero or curandera can also incorporate the roles of psychiatrist along with that  of doctor and healer. Many curanderos use Catholic elements, such as holy water and saint pictures. The use of Catholic prayers and other borrowings and lendings are often found alongside native religious elements.”

That may be the case in Latin America, but, not in my case. You won’t find any religionist mumbo-jumbo in my straightforward MRI alternative to breast cancer screenings, brain scans, and other body scans.

Curanderos are sought after for everything from physical and psychological issues to marital discord treatment, as many Hispanics believe these issues are a result of a ‘loss of spirit,’ bad luck, or curse.

Sometimes a curandero is asked to help ward off the effects of a brujo, which the Texas State Historical Association indicates is a witch (male or female) who uses supernatural powers for evil, often selling services to those who wish to inflict pain and suffering on others.

Depending on the ailment, aid from a specialized curandero may be sought, and these individuals are referred to as:

Yerberos: Individuals who specialize in the use of medicinal plants and herbs; considered the equivalent of a pharmacist in Western medicine. (You could call me, Sonic Nova, a yerbera.)

Parteras: Midwives who are the primary source of guidance for pregnant women and who oversee births.

Sobadores: Individuals trained to promote healing through massage techniques. Sobadores are also known to use bone manipulation much in the way a Western chiropractor would. (I can and regularly employ this technique as well.)

Get Your MRI Alternative Body Scan Today

Don’t wait another day for your MRI alternative to a breast cancer screening — get yours scheduled right away and say goodbye to high cancer care costs, claustrophobic MRI-scan doctor visits, and the high mammogram cost for “traditional” breast cancer treatment that goes with them. Say hello to remote-viewing medical intuitive Sonic Nova, curandera!