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peaceOur purpose of these Monthly Spiritual Webinars is to assist you in your growth process towards Self Realization Enlightenment and Ascension of your Being.

We have been ordained by Divinity to bring forth the ancient teachings of knowledge that have been hidden from you by the ones that control our planet, and who keep you in servitude and indebted to them. You know the truth of who and what you truly are, however.

Through these teachings you will be unleashed and exalted, living your true potential!

Learn how and when we choose to exit-stage-left out of our body-temples through what is called death on this planet, but actually is only a transitional phase into our Infinite selves that I call going from the cocoon stage of inhabiting the physical body. Once we transition beyond the living, surrendering  into the transformation of integration of the the Personality-Soul-Spirit becoming the butterfly, you will see it is only your belief that held you hostage to this illusion of aging and that when you die you cease to exist. This is one of the many beliefs embedded into our subconscious and sometimes conscious mind.

You will know if you are ready to become immortal and will be drawn to these teachings.

We will go into depth on a myriad of Spiritual Subjects such as: StarSeed Origins; StarSeed Gatherings; Working in the Quantum Field; Quantum Energetics; Healing in the Quantum Mind Field; Multidimensional Nature of Reality; Our Environment and Shifting our Vibrational Frequencies to meet the New Earth Frequencies.  This will profoundly shift your consciousness to a higher level of understanding  as to what and what you are and why you are here!

We will have Monthly Spiritual Webinars on how to start co-creating the reality you desire to create instead of miss-creating your present reality!

Not to merely paraphrase, but I did take this info from this book and would love to pass it onto you and will be discussing in these Monthly Spiritual Webinars!


THE FIRST SECRET: Your thoughts and feelings aren’t real.
Your thoughts and feelings are expressions of your underlying assumptions in any moment, not reflections of actual reality or what is truly possible.
THE SECOND SECRET: Your mental focus creates your reality.
Your experience in life is determined by what you put your attention on. If you focus on end results, you inevitably attract what you want. If you focus too much on what you have to do to get what you want, you end up attracting your doubts, fears, and beliefs.
THE THIRD SECRET: Everyone has a heart.
Having a heart means that you do have dreams, that there are things you love, i.e. things that are deeply important to you. An inherent part of the human journey is that at some point you end up putting more energy into protecting your heart other than living your dream this takes will.
THE FOURTH SECRET: There is never anything to do, but there is always action to take.
Action is about taking direct steps, based on the obvious, toward creating what you want. Doing is about fulfilling certain conditions you believe are necessary before you can get what you want.
THE FIFTH SECRET: Structure has integrity.
Something’s structure dictates its behavior, and its behavior dictates its experience. In creative terms, what your attention is focused on forms the underlying structure of your consciousness. The motivations behind what you do in life reveal your true focus.
THE SIXTH SECRET: You get your energy from a higher source.
As a human being, you have the tendency to develop fixed concepts about what is in your highest good and where it is supposed to come from. The key to magic is developing the ability to let go of your fixed concepts and open up to the true source of the universal energy.

THE SEVENTH SECRET: Ultimately, your highest source of energy is your own heart. Yet the paradox is that you are conditioned to protect your heart, a behavior motivated by fear. Your fears are communicated to you by thoughts and feelings. There can be no sustainable change in your experience unless you have the will to choose following your heart over resolving your thoughts and feelings.

A great book on this subject I would recommend you read from cover to cover and really absorb it and practice what it is imparting, is “The Magicians Way By William Whitecloud.”

So come enjoy one of these Monthly Spiritual Webinars – we look forward to serving you in your spiritual evolution!

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by gardenfae on Sonic Nova

sonic has been working with me clearing my home and DNA for two years, awesome

by gardenfae on Sonic Nova

sonic has been working with me clearing my home and DNA for two years, awesome

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