Happy 2015 once again everybody! I hope you had a truly wondrous holiday season. Get ready for a year of awesome happenings, upheavals, and yes, miracles.

As goes with creating Heaven on Earth, we can also create miracles, and just as Yeshua, or Jesus Christ told us in the Gospel of Thomas, we can all do what he did with this power of being in our most fully-formed aspect. What has been called miracles by some has been denigrated as sorcery by others who are using the exact same power, often in the same way. This is another unfortunate misperception of reality, and has resulted in a human character that is obsessed with labels and stereotypes, and putting things in one compartment or another. We love to know we have our finger on things – even when we don’t, yes? So, we are beginning to realize all that we don’t really know, and how we have accepted these untruths under a presumption of veracity which has failed us.

Creating Miracles

But, only momentarily. As quick as we can deceive ourselves, we can come to enlightenment, if we so choose. Science and religion have shown how little they both understand as being true. We are living in an Age of Discernment, but we are seeing that this discernment must come only by our own faculties of reason and perception. We cannot come to truth by osmosis through others. We must experience truth for ourselves, but where our being is fully-attuned, we can however, come to another’s truth, or outside truth via having an unblemished intuitive aspect.

And how do we tune this aspect of ourselves, which is our compass through the murky and uncertain waters of modern life? We practice, by learning to follow our gut-level sensations as opposed to merely reason. I am not saying that reason is unimportant, but only that it is grossly overemphasized in a culture that values cleverness over right-thinking. The key, once again, is finding balance. We must balance the right and left hemispheres of our brain, but also the mind with the heart. (The heart is the true mind of the body – the emotional mind and center of us, which intrinsically directs our action and bearing in the world.) Once we strike this balance within ourselves, we begin to operate from a place of neutrality and more successful action, and one which does not favor the will of the ego or id, but the infinite self.

So, what I am talking about here is creating miracles in your own life, so that you well then you will be able to create miracles in others’ lives. Again, if you yourself are out of balance and unable to realize your full potential, you cannot be there fully for another. Everything in this life in terms of success starts with you. You have heard it said that you cannot depend on another to get what you want or bring you happiness, and I am here to tell you this is very true. There is the right kind of selfishness and the wrong kind of altruism, and we need to discover the balance pertaining to this. We need to know when to give the right things to ourselves – serve ourselves, really – and when to say no to others. This is called having proper boundaries. This gives us more freedom and control of ourselves, and consequently more perspective, success, and satisfaction in life. Those who constantly give only to others and neglect themselves end up unhappy, and feeling the victim, all too often.

What Constitutes a Miracle?

We also have a very colored idea of what constitutes a miracle – and that it can only be performed by some pre-approved messiah figure in a heavily embellished tome like the Bible. Hogwash! Everyday miracles happen, and can be created by any of us, and they happen when we are operating from our highest, most authentic aspect, or from a place of authentic power, and from a heart-centered place. “Spontaneous remissions” or eradication of cancer, walking away from (normally fatal) accidents, and faith healings are all examples of miracles we can accomplish. Miracles are also quite close to (good) magic, and are manifested in virtually the same way – from a united heart and mind that turns thought and will into reality.

Speaking from my own experience, my life has been one long, ongoing series of challenges and miracles (can’t everyone identify with this, dear ones?) including two “living ascensions” to the Heaven realms, wherein I bore special witness to what’s beyond the veils of maya in this world. When we are in our proper aspect, we can begin to see that even the challenges – what many may sometimes call disappointments, disasters, or hardships – are themselves miraculous. We can see with ultimate gratitude that every experience we have is miraculous, as our life entire is. Keeping to this perspective, we can more easily find contentment or even happiness, as we manifest more and more of what we seek or desire. Gratitude truly is one of the keys to our existential happiness and success in manifesting our desires. And once we move away from a “service to self” point of view, and turn to a “service to others” philosophy, our miracles can then extend to others. We all have the powers of Jesus the Christed one, as he himself told us. We truly can “move mountains” – which can include mountains of doubt, hurt, pain, fear, guilt, anger, distrust, hate, etc., and our miracles can touch the lives of many, who are as open to receiving them as we are to send them.