There is much talk these days concerning making contact with ET’s (extra-terrestrials), and “disclosure,” which everyone seems to be waiting around on pins and needles for, as if there is some coming single event designed to reveal all about aliens and the truth of “what’s out there”. I know there is a faction of you enlightened ones out there who realize just how ridiculous this concept is, so I will address the rest of you, meaning anyone who is still buying into this erroneous and unsupportable-by-logic idea. Can you truly believe that if there were intelligent life-forms out there who want to communicate with us, that they haven’t already, for many eons, and in many ongoing ways? Can you really believe that they would wait in the wings as if they were the cast of Rent, nervous for their one on-stage appearance during which they would finally reveal their presence, like someone coming out of the closet to the rest of the world to declare who they really are? Come on, people. Let’s be real with ourselves, and understand, once and for all, that these ideas of ET contact and disclosure, as proffered by the mass media, are designed to set the hook in your mouth, and dangle what is for them a golden carrot which allows them to control the perception of aliens and what’s truly out there.

Contact and Disclosure is Within You

Know this, then: contact and disclosure lies within. You can make contact with and have disclosure from “aliens”, ETs, our cosmic friends and star family – whatever you want to term them – ten times a day if you so desire. All you have to do is be silent and go within, and send your thoughts to them, and they will answer you in one second, by speed of thought, that they are there, in their higher dimension (or alternate dimension) and that they (If they are the good, benevolent, or at least neutral kind) are watching us, or watching over us, and are concerned about our evolvement and development because our evolution affects their evolution. In another sense, our evolution is their evolution. Some even believe that they are us, in the distant future, which is just a different point on plotted time-space lines, like wormholes.

Yeshua, a.k.a. Christ said “Go within. The kingdom of heaven is within.” I say the same thing where regards this great need and waiting in humanity for ET or alien contact and disclosure, and encourage all of you – whether you are my subscribers or not – to trust your own antennae over that of the TV kind, and believe your own intuitive, inner senses where concerns such things.