Look At SonicNova Quantum healing abilities & Healy Treatment!

Sonic being a clairvoyant and medical intuitive in this culture of the mass-produced “food,” and cupboards and counters littered with junk pills courtesy, our lovely pharmaceutical and medical industry. 

Can you imagine the power of Sonic Nova’s quantum healing abilities mixed in with a Healy treatment?

With this fabulous quantum Healy sensor, I use it individually in each Quantum Healing session to determine the frequency and stimulate your body researcher’s specific area. I also will scan your body chakras or energy centers to bring them back into balance. 

I offer:

• Healy Resonance Session

• Remote Alternative Healing sessions
• Remote Psychic Surgery sessions
• Medical Intuitive/Seer/Healer
• Master Herbalist and Natural Supplement Intuitive (My philosophy is to cure yourself with foods and nature’s best remedies).
• Healing Medical Intuitive- for humans and your pets large and small

Did you know…Sonia is a “Quantum” Psychic Medical Intuitive Healer?

What Makes Sonic Nova a Leading Medical Intuitive and Alternative Healer?

Because I recognize that the body (heart, mind, spirit, and soul) is analogous to the Earth, i.e., as she changes, we change. And conversely, as we collectively think or act, she will respond in kind. As “Sonic Nova psychic healer,” I act in a myriad of capacities aimed at bringing individuals greater clarity into your optimum health – whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. My expertise runs the gamut of these aspects of the human make-up, and I am proud of the many thousands of satisfied clients I can claim – some as close friends now!

My repeat clients call me “THE REAL DEAL” to all of his friends and clients he refers to me, that know how to master and harness the energy of the universe through their bodies: some people call this CHI ENERGY; others call it QUANTUM ENERGETICs and yet others call this REIKI and so on. But few individuals were born with this inner wisdom; this innate knowledge on how to harness and move the energy of the universe through the body and back out to support and remedy your illnesses. In a nutshell, this is what and how I do my remote quantum healing sessions with each and every one of my clients as well as applying the Core Quantum Method Mandala with all of its ramifications that originally caused the out-picturing of your disease to manifest here bellow:

Whatever your health concerns, in whatever area your body – I,  Sonia aka Sonic psychic healer, will bring you clarity, insight, and a healing catharsis being your catalyst with my healing abilities which will give you more than a “leg up” in you recovering your health and life in this time frame of great and rewarding challenges. As the Chinese have stated “MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES” sometimes its a blessing and sometimes we feel not so blessed but these are the times we live in on planet earth with lots of turmoil and upheaval and a lot of miraculous occurrences all around us!

These sessions involve – my “Quantum Medical Intuitive + the Healy Frequency Modulator” or “health and wellness” Coaching Skillset as well as using my RV= Remote Viewing Skillset Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target or future potential by using subjective means; My Remote Viewing skills allow me to peer into your present health issues, caused by a myriad of circumstances or embedded emotional patterning in the unconscious recess of your mind including the 3 Dantiens.

I can see into your organs and look into your body to see what is the cause of your dis-ease = being out of ease with oneself. As a Health and Wellness coach who can literally give you insights on all aspects of your life with her natural clairvoyant and remote viewing skills, Sonia aka Sonic Nova can see into these health and wellness matters, and much more! And, Sonia aka Sonic goes far above and beyond what would be considered a “conventional” Health and Wellness coaching session, by providing you with the spiritual life coaching that caused this disease in the first place, i.e. counseling that gets to the very heart of your matters, centering on exactly who you are at this time experiencing this discomfort in your body by peering into your quantum and soul level. ix these natural abilities with the power of healy resonance programs and you have a winning combination.

The Healy World products are a complete system for your wellbeing. It is much more than the sum of its parts:


    • Healy provides your body with the right microcurrent and Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs
    • The HealAdvisor Search App* finds the right IMF programs for your Healy – Frequencies for your life
    • The Digital Nutrition App* (or DNA** for short) finds the food your body needs and provides Healy IMF programs for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field equate to Healy – frequency therapy
    • The Healy Watch measures your body’s relevant data and finds the right IMF programs for your Healy through AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis in the HealAdvisor Cloud.

One of the greatest inventors of all time, Nicolas Tesla is the genius who let the world once said if you want to find the universe’s secret, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Say that you are listening to the radio in your car and don’t like the music you hear. What are you do? You change the frequency.

What many people fail to realize that we can take charge of our frequency in the same way we tend to reduce our body and anatomy down to a simplified version that consists of only flesh and blood.

Everything on this planet, animal, plant, and water are made of atoms and frequency that produce and make and receive energy at the specific frequencies. All our tissues, cells, organs, emotions, and thought patterns have their own unique electromagnetic fields as the allergen, viruses, or bacteria.

All things have frequencies, including you, the human body. You always want to be healthy, active, and balance; that’s what makes up Healy. With the quantum sensor, you use individually, determine the frequency to stimulate your body researcher’s specific area.

And, just by contacting me to see about perfecting your health and wellness “vector,” you are showing me that you are far ahead of the pack out there — most of whom still rely upon doctors and the medical industry to “diagnose and treat” their many maladies, and some of whom are going it alone, or virtually so — showing the humble self-awareness and realization that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. And what did the yogis and mahasiddhas do in addition to steering their pupils towards Nirvana? They were also nutrition coaches — as nutrition goes hand in hand with holistic wellness.

You can easily become a Quantum energy healing patron by clicking on the purple tab on the right of your screen and inquiring with me — or, simply book a Quantum energy healing session with me, and I will get back to you on what time slots I have open. As a life coach, my health coaching business has picked up tremendously in recent months, so certain time openings may be limited. However, I am flexible and do get cancellations, so it’s kind of like finding a parking spot — one may just open up right in front for you!

Carolin McMakin and Nuno Nina have a clinical practice of ten of thousands of such frequencies studied and tested. The result of this decade of experiences is now available to you 144,000 of gold frequencies all there with the intuitive app that put the future in your hand. Welcome to Sonic Nova’s Quantum Healing session with Healy World.

It’s not science fiction. It’s science!

Source: SonicNova.net & Youtube

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