There are far too many scams and people claiming that they are psychic mediums including so-called famous psychics and mediums. If you believe Mainstream-Fake- Media that these individuals are legit, then you have been duped!

Psychics and mediums claiming they got their certificate and are certified by whom what are the credentials of this so-called organization how can they verify that in fact you’re certified?
How ridiculous is all this hoopla about them going to take a course to become a proficient psychic or medium?

This is how you can distinguish someone that is claiming to be a certified psychic medium is legit or just has the certificate to prove they are fake.
How to differentiate the Legit Psychics and Mediums from the fake ones.
• A legit psychic medium is born with their gifts intact.
• With your right brain fully activated with your gifts of intuition.
• You arrived when you were born with some or all of them.
• You can look at the psychic’s testimonials see if they have repeat customers that keep coming back year after year.
• Find out how much experience they have how many years they have been providing their services and are their customer base satisfied.
• They have merchant accounts to be paid within case you request a refund and are not satisfied with the service provided.
• Find videos on YouTube of them being invited as a guest speaker talking about their gifts and verification of such gifts by the interviewer of the YouTube channel.

How to tell a fake or newbie psychics/mediums.
• Be Wary of psychics or medium’s that claim to have a certificate of course completion.
• Be aware of fortune-tellers that pretend to be a psychic or a medium and once they’re done with part of the reading they scare you with “You got a Curse to get much more money out of you then you know you’re being scammed.
• Beware of them saying they are a certified medium or psychic.
• Lookout If they ask you for exorbitant such as $1500 to clean the bad energy you experiencing, they promise you to get rid of negative energy in your life.
• They cannot guarantee to remove your karma or bad energy you created with your actions.
• If they tell you to give them any of your possessions and they will hold them in safekeeping for you – RUN, the other direction as fast as you can.
• Be very leery if they ask you to MoneyGram or Western Union as payment to them because you will never see these funds again.
• Fakers will use tricks and ask you lots of open-ended questions to put together the info to provide a fake reading for you that you believe is legit. This is called “Cold Readings”
• Cold Readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses.

Legit psychics did not go to school to learn how to enhance their intuitive abilities again they are born with these abilities.
Psychic schools or mediumship schools that give you a curriculum where you using your left brain the analytical part of your brain fiction, this is all left-brain fiction that has nothing to do with being Psychic.
Ridiculous statements by these certification organizations and people claiming they are can certify mediums or psychics, for God’s sake are you kidding me!

Most humans are born with intuitive/psychic abilities “YOUR GUT FEELING” here you are being a psychic and all you’re really looking for is confirmation of your gut feeling. Right?

Let’s be honest about this arena of intuition it is not something that can be measured and studies to be put in a curriculum you either born with these gifts fully activated or NOT!
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