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Discover the Root Cause of All Disease

Many on this planet right now are asking themselves, "What is the root cause of all disease?" and also "Can I learn how to cure disease?" Know, dear ones, that it is a combination of things having to do with [...]

Optimize Your Health and Well-Being with These Supplements

I've been talking a lot lately about the news and controversial topics--now I want to turn your attention to our long list of supplements designed for optimum health. Right here on, you can access a wide variety of health [...]

Consult an Oracle and Alchemize Your Life

It was a tradition in ancient Greece--make a pilgrimage to Delphi and consult an oracle to learn about one's life, along with the Cosmos, Mother Nature, and the Sacred Mysteries of the Universe. Fast forward 3,000 or so years, and [...]

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Death of a Prince, Death of a Failed System

The recent passing of superstar musician Prince cannot have really surprised anybody, what with the year of carnage we have been experiencing. This is yet another high-profile celebrity, untimely death thrust in our faces, plastered all over every media outlet [...]

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