If you think you’re getting informed, or anything close to the truth regarding “what’s really happening” out there in this sick, crazy world – think again – because ISIS, Bernie, Trump, and terrorism are all there to DISTRACT you from the truth that all of us divine beings can inherently access within. If you are still watching TV or tuning into mass media, or even voting for ANY of these pretenders-jokers who lust after power, money, and your votes, then you need to shut it off (and out) FOREVER.

It’s Isis, Not ISIS

ISIS, murderous, bottom-of-the-bucket scoundrels that they are – stole their name from the goddess Isis, who was a divine embodiment of the Mother of Creation. But, that was only the first of their sick and lowly crimes. Bernie Sanders, like any and all who have ever run for public office – whether successfully or unsuccessfully – are NOT anything close to “political messiahs,” nor do they have your best interests at heart or pocketbook, as they are owned by “The Corporation,” and give their fealty to it unashamedly and intractably. Donald Trump is a political mafioso who poses as a friend of the common man, or working man (the ones that are left), but is a racist, bigoted creep, imo, who needs to go the way of all politicos in this land – the way of the dodo bird. And terrorism is there, always burning in the background, to scare up converts and adherents to select agendas – if not the one globalist agenda – along with the requisite amount of fear, paranoia, suspicion, et al, to win over the hearts and minds of the sacrificial lambs who allow themselves to be led to the slaughter of the New World Order cabalist agenda.

If you’re still reading this, then you truly have an open mind – or the time – to hear the truth, to know it, and, hopefully, feel no more the fear, panic, anxiety, paranoia, etc. that the “elite controllers” want you to feel, so that they can steamroll over society and implement the kind of world we now live in – and worse. Remember always to trust the Universe, Creation, and your own love and Self above the propaganda machine, and that ISIS, Bernie, Trump, and terrorism are working hard to distract you with a great circus sideshow soap opera whose hue and cry is the Hegelian dialectic of this vs. that opposition, and whose goal is your complete enslavement to their sick version of reality.