Curse, spell, and entity extraction

Hello to all my readers out there – old and new! I am Sonic Nova, and among many other things, I am an entity, spell, and curse removal expert. I can quickly and successfully remove any curses, spells, or spirits/entities from you or your environs. Have you experienced voices in your head that you suspect aren’t yours? Does your home resemble the one in the movie Poltergeist or Paranormal Activity, with strange sounds, sights, and just an overall ominous vibe that’s driving you and/or your family crazy? You may only faintly suspect there has been some incursion by another unseen, unfriendly force in your life and just need a consultation to see if this is so, which I will do for you.

There are all manner of ways that spells, curses, or entities, ghouls, specters, etc. can manifest in one’s life. They can take the form of “always having bad luck,” or being haunted by seen or unseen ghosts, shadows, and other unnameable yet very real phenomena which are weighing upon you in a negative way. I have personally done hundreds of removals and clearings of these types, with approximately a 99%+ success rate. The only thing I require to do a remote curse removal are the names and birthdates of the homeowner, and your physical location. That’s it. Then, in a manner of, on average, a few days, your home and body will be cleared of any and all curses, spells, or entities – as I send them to a faraway astral realm. Let Sonic Nova assist you today!

My remote viewing and remote influencing skills are becoming famous worldwide, as the word is spreading about my authentic power as a psychic healer, medium, clairvoyant, life coach, and medical intuitive. I swiftly diagnose any problem in life you are having, get to the root of the problem, and help you eliminate it for good!

Whether it’s for spell removal, curse removal, or entity removal, I go to the heart of the problem, and, with your assistance and will, permanently prevent its return!