In addition to being a clairvoyant and medical intuitive, I can also act as a health coach to those of you who may be in dire need of it. Alas, in this culture of the mass-produced “food,” and cupboards and counters littered with junk pills courtesy our lovely pharmaceutical and medical industry, health and wellness coaching is probably the number one thing most of you need. No, it’s not quick loans, a new love partner, or a ticket to that latest bit of “filmed entertainment”. Instead, it’s a nutrition coach and medical intuitive who can help you drill down the appropriate program of diet, exercise, and spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being you will need as we go into an age of massive change, uncertainty, and a return to the natural.

You can depend upon my healing hands as a nutrition coach and health and wellness coach.

Why a Health and Wellness Coach?

If you are already asking yourself this question, then chances are good you could probably use the services of a certified wellness coach. You can easily become a health coach patron by clicking on the purple tab on the right of your screen and inquiring with me — or, simply book a health coaching session with me, and I will get back to you on what time slots I have open. As a life coach, my health coaching business has picked up tremendously in recent months, so certain time openings may be limited. However, I am flexible, and do get cancellations, so it’s kind of like finding a parking spot — one may just open up right in front for you!

But, let’s get back to “Why Should I Get Health and Wellness Tips?” Well, it’s really simple — without your health, you really have nothing. You’re dying, basically. With me, Sonic Nova, as your health coach, though, you can optimize all areas of your life, as I have a pretty wide umbrella underneath which I cover everything from diet, health supplements, spiritual health and wellness, emotional body clearings, holistic health maintenance and disease prevention, shamanic healings and chakra system clearings (DNA Activation, J-seal removal, accessing your higher self, etc.), and more!

Health and wellness coaching is just part of what I can do to help you achieve your best and highest self, life, and being. This next epoch or era of ours as human beings on Planet Earth will demand that we step up to our full potential. Are you ready? Will you be able to say to yourself or others, “I truly reached my highest potential”? And, I don’t necessarily mean career-wise, or in relationships (marriage, family, other social “distinctions”) — I mean YOU, your soul, your spirit, your body, your life. We all came here to this place and at this time to do something truly extraordinary, if not magical, creative, game-changing, innovative, revolutionary.

You shining your light is enough. Read that again if need be. Most people — especially those in the western world just don’t grok that. You radiating your gifts, your light, your raison d’etre, in your own unique way, are changing the paradigm. But, that light needs the right care and feeding, which is where I come in.

And, with the right health and wellness coaching “guru” (I don’t really like that word, but here I mean true teacher, guide, or catalyst) guiding you, you can get there. I feel like I’m speaking to a lot of you twenty- and thirty-somethings out there who are starseeds, lightworkers, wayshowers, etc.  Yes, I am also speaking to any of you of any age who feel you need a guide in these strange and amazing times we are living in, but I think there is a contingent of young seekers out there who have washed their hands of “modern life” as it has been sold to us, and who are “go[ing] confidently in the direction of [their] dreams” to quote that great master of beingness, spirit, and life fulfillment, Henry David Thoreau.

You are the new Thoreaus, Teslas, and Martin Luther Kings. Many of you are surprisingly (or not) innovative, and are embracing the “new science”. You have eschewed the church, organized religions, marriage and family, or social conventions of any kind. And, just by refusing all those social mores which have been set upon you by your elders, you are radiating a brilliant rebellion against the “false matrix” as I would call it. You are red pill-ers (pillars?) all the way. Many of you will yourselves be becoming a wellness coach at some time in the future. People like me are your “mahasiddhas” who point and guide the way and help you unfold what is already inside you. I’ve already done this with dozens of you.

And, just by contacting me to see about perfecting your health and wellness “vector,” you are showing me that you are far ahead of the pack out there — most of whom still rely upon doctors and the medical industry to “diagnose and treat” their many maladies, and some of whom are going it alone, or virtually so — showing the humble self-awareness and realization that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. And what did the yogis and mahasiddhas do in addition to steering their pupils towards Nirvana? They were also nutrition coaches — as nutrition goes hand in hand with holistic wellness.

Radiate optimal health with my health coaching and best online diet coaching services!

When Do I Need a Nutrition Coach?

Again, if you’re asking the question, you know that 1) Your current diet just isn’t working out; and, 2) You doubt your own inner guide and feel strongly you need the auspices and guidance of a tried-and-true nutrition coach such as me, Sonic Nova. Now, I don’t have a specific web page as one of the best online diet coaches, but I do qualify as one, for I have overhauled the poor diets of many people in my decades of health and wellness coaching. I have a thoroughgoing understanding of Chinese herbal remedies, probiotics like raw milk kefir, medicinal mushrooms, high ORMUS minerals (monatomic elements) like Himalayan shilajit, and detoxification programs for a full body cleanse.

Have you made organic colostrum a part of your daily diet? If not, you should look into it.

How about essential micro minerals? Whether you have or haven’t heard of it — if you’re not adding some to supplement your daily diet, you are likely suffering from mineral depletion.

My raw milk kefir + colostrum and D3/K2 (Super Immune Activator kit) is successfully pulling many people back from the brink of what would normally be terminal diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer, and helping deliver optimal health to those who are in the “preventative maintenance” stage of their health and wellness proactivity.

In other words, no matter what stage of the health marathon you are currently navigating, my beneficial health supplements and even devices (such as orgonite pendants and BioMats) will help you weather any environmental changes without having to actively adapt, or at least help you adapt to them in the gentlest way possible. And, if neither of those biological scenarios, they will in most cases cause your body to excrete toxins and free radicals rather than hold onto them.

Get Health and Wellness Coaching and a Nutrition Coach All in One

My health and wellness coaching includes nutritional coaching of which the picture at left will give you a good idea of the efficacy. My company Living Technologies is taking off into the stratosphere right now because many of you beautiful people out there have discovered the products I have developed and sourced over the last decade and more, and which are designed to bring optimal health to the world.

I, Sonic Nova, pledge my allegiance to the flag of eternal good health and well-being, and to the republic of our truest and highest selves, helping guide those who need top-tier health and wellness coaching and a multi-dimensional, holistic nutrition coach as proof of the eternal providence of Our Mother-Father God, here as we transform and transmute that which only dis-eases us, as Mother Earth giveth (good health) and taketh away (disease), as our devoted sister, mother, and planetary healer, amen.