With my remote healing and remote viewing skills, I Sonic Nova can literally heal any disease you may be experiencing. There are a few exceptions, such as Lyme Disease, which is a very unfortunate pretzel of symptomology that I cannot simply remove, even with a supplementary nutritional protocol. Just about every other imaginable malady, however, I can heal you of. I have thousands of success stories or testimonials that attest to this.

My Remote Viewing Skills Confirm: All Disease is Due to Nutritional Deficiency or Toxemia

As nutritional guru Lou Corona has astutely pointed out, all disease is due to nutritional (and mineral) deficiency or toxemia. Toxemia can be characterized as a general condition of the cells in the body being in a state of toxicity which has compromised the body in some way, and which will send up alarms or red flags, such as swollen lymph nodes, polyps, high blood pressure, etc. This is your body’s way of warning you that things are not right, and you need to get rebalanced. So, your body really is the best physician, as it knows exactly what is wrong and why, and how to alert you of this! “We die for lack of knowledge” goes the saying, and that is most true concerning the HOW do we remedy ourselves when we receive the signals from the body that something’s wrong.

Well, I can help you with all the whys, whats, wheres, whens, and hows. With my remote viewing skills, I will ask your body in the quantum field all the questions using those locators, and then discern the how and what to remedy with, which is part we humans falter most on when it comes to our health. We leave it over to “medical professionals” who have absolutely ZERO stake in our wellness whatsoever. At best, they will cover over symptoms – though with pharmaceuticals which merely mask or even remove the needed warning sign indicators from your body! That’s like removing the red warning light on your dashboard telling you you’re low on brake fluid in order to “fix” the problem.

My Remote Healing Abilities Await You

Putting off your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health is kind of like not pumping water out of a slowly-sinking ship and shoring up the leak. Soon, your ship will sink. Most cynically chalk it up to, “Well, life is hard. Death and taxes,” or some other fatalistic thinking, but I am here to tell you that people like myself who possess supernatural abilities like remote viewing and medical intuitiveness, exist on this planet for a very good reason – just as those warning signals in the body exist. Come see me, Sonic Nova, for a remote healing session, and let’s resolve your health issues once and for all!