It is time…your future self awaits you, in the form of a 12-strand DNA activation! Many of you who follow me, Sonic Nova, already know what a 12-strand DNA activation is – and have had one done – but, I wonder how many of you out there just stumbling upon me in the cybersphere know what one is? Well, quite simply, it is what occurs when I cause your chakras to become “bioluminescent”, while at the same time causing your chi to flow properly, allowing the white-light of your higher self to pour in through your crown and activate your DNA. This includes the so-called “junk” DNA, which is actually the interdimensional or quantum part of ourselves, which is in touch with the entire Universe!

How does a 12-Strand DNA Activation work?

Well, the process is easy, affordable, and painless. It usually takes about an hour, give or take, and the only requirement is that you follow my remote healing, remote influencing instructions and meet me halfway. I will ask you to visualize a series of sacred geometrical shapes in each of your chakras as I use my remote healing skills to “activate” those areas of your spiritual body, lifting them from the dormant and stagnant into the quantum and ecstatic! Check out my Sonic Nova testimonials page and search out those clients of mine who have had a 12-strand DNA activation done, and you will see that it is real, and it truly does lift your entire being – body, mind, and spirit – into the ecstatic, quantum realm, where you can then begin to see more behind the veil, and more easily acquire the skills I have for remote healing, remote influencing, medical intuitive, and psychic healing!

So, the question is: Do you want to have more power to see beyond? To feel beyond? To go beyond the mere five physical senses and develop all of your inner senses as well? How about your cosmic senses, which will connect you to the galactic center, your star family and friends, and beyond – to everything in creation? How much is being in your highest aspect of existence worth to you? Do you want to better develop your already existing shamanic, psychic, clairvoyant, or ESP skills?

Then I, Sonic Nova, strongly believe you need a 12-strand DNA activation, which will allow you to much more fully see, feel, think, intuit, and bring your intentions into reality, so you can literally create a better, more quantum reality!