It is widely known–or believed, rather–that our world is a kind of prison. “Denmark is a prison,” said Hamlet. But, who or what put the prison bars and chains there? Was it a god, or some kind of interloper, demon, demigod? Perhaps, but those things, for the most part are abstract; i.e., they don’t physically place chains on you and put you in a cell (apart from those who are incarcerated for crimes). It is erroneous belief systems that cause us to be in chains. Therefore, it follows that altering our belief systems via becoming enlightened is the best way to set ourselves free from a self-imposed prison and drop these abstract chains. ‘Knowledge is power”.  Almost no other maxim could be more useful for us and understanding our world.

Liberation From The Self-Imposed Prison

It is a not-well-known fact that it is those who understand but break the rules who break their self or society-imposed chains. It is the innovators who break their molds who tend to attain the most success in life, experience what we would call happiness or self-contentment more often, and who live the lives they truly create. (Please see last week’s blog post for more on the human power of creation.) It is NOT those who blindly follow the herd, do what’s expected of them, and who conform in order to “please others”. This is such a dead idea. Its age is OVER. It is ONLY those who question everything in their world, including their own identity, who break out of the box society has built for them, expecting them to stay safely there their whole lives.

What is true liberation, then? When we hear this word, images of liberated France in August 1944 may flood in. But, was that true liberation? I contend that true liberation comes from within. Most of the U.S. troops and people of France were still operating under some kind of control mechanism. Perhaps only the freedom fighters who fought the Nazis within France were the “break the mold” liberated types I speak of here.  No aspersions cast upon the brave soldiers who set Europe free from the evil of Nazism, just the attempt to make the point that the liberation of Europe during World War II was one set of chains exchanged for another. I will say that to the credit of the people of France–they are masters at demanding their freedoms and rights, politically.

In summary, it is only those who question reality, who innovate, who are fearless, who go beyond borders, and who refuse to be that which family and society demand they be who succeed in removing their chains and walking out of the unlocked prison door.