When looking into energy medicine the scientific basis for such a “left-hand path” towards healing the body needn’t be overly justified, or in fact, justified at all. To those of us in the know, energy medicine practitioners like me are greatly sought out for goo reason — the first one being that mainstream medicine, by all counts, causes around 300,000 deaths per year due to malpractice, staph infections obtained in hospitals, and all the rest of the glaring evidence that has turned the truth-starving masses away from poor mainstream medical “treatment”. I employ energy healing techniques that use complementary holistic nutrition, cleanse diets, and whole food health supplements that make me an excellent health coach for your time and money!

Energy healing and holistic nutrition are two of my specialties, so sign up today for a health coaching session with me, Sonic Nova.

Why Energy Healing Requires Holistic Nutrition

Again, those who understand energy healers and their basic principles get why you can’t just wave a magic wand over someone with energy medicine and say, “Voila! You’re cured!” Those who understand what the best online nutrition coaches can do subscribe to the holistic healing principles that allow them to heal faster — simply by believing and visualizing them in a proactive way. In my experience, it’s those people who can hold “intentionalized” thoughts for prolonged periods who come out the best in the end.

Examples of these intentional healing mantras include:

“I am pure, I am perfect, I am crystalline lightbody.”

“I am in perfect health and nothing and no one can ever harm me.”

“I enjoy perfect, golden health always, and am healed, body, mind, and soul.”

I couple this kind of thing with organic, whole-food nutrition “prescriptions” to help you attain a state of wellness that you may have previously thought impossible. Or, you knew these holistic remedies were out there, but just needed a sherpa like me to help you climb the mountain!

You get the idea, and I can help you with many more of these simple-to-do, daily exercises and alternative medicine natural remedies that help engender perfect mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Frankly, in these times of high vibrational frequencies aiding us in our bids to visualize and intentionalize better lives of abundance, you can seldom go wrong with just a few energy healing mantas every day — I like to do them upon waking, sometime during my day, and just before sleep. Our thoughts and intentions (thoughtful feeling energy) really do create our reality!

What Does a Health Coach Do?

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but a good health coach won’t talk your ear off and drown you in jargon, or sell you some energy healing technique that you don’t truly need.  I happen to be an holistic health coach who can see right into the you of yous with medical intuitive techniques that se right to your core issues. I waste no time in helping you understand what your fundamental problem is.

For instance, I can see acute problems and systemic, chronic issues, such as Lyme Disease or cancer, as opposed to kidney stones or bursitis. And, the best part is I am more accurate than a doctor (as well as being a helluva lot cheaper!), so it’s truly a win-win for all of you seeking an energy healer online who can read your biophotonic or bioplasmic “map” which goes to the several layers or bodies that make up your entire being. In recent years, much of my work has focused on types of alternative medicine for cancer patients who’ve been depleted — literally — by an uncaring and genocidal medical industry.

Check out some of my hundreds of testimonials that tell the story that I am one of the best energy healers in existence today. You tell me how good someone is who can heal a 78-year old man of congestive heart failure from 2,000 miles away, or a woman from inoperable ovarian cancer remotely as well? My alternative healing protocols and alternative cancer cure work, bottom line.

Get Your Energy Healing and Holistic Nutrition Diet from a Proven Healer

Energy healing and holistic nutrition health coaching with Sonic NovaAs I have said numerous times — our medical professionals have failed colossally in their ostensible vocations. They take Hippocratic oaths, and Hippocrates said, “Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.” He also said, “First, do no harm.” These people are criminally in violation of their sacred and solemn oaths, and deserve to have their entire industry fall apart, due to elevated human consciousness which refuses to take this shit lying down on a gurney anymore.

Yes, I am angry, as many of you are as well, and rightly so. This “medical establishment” has made it standard operating procedure to poison and sicken you as part of their “practice” (they’re practicing on you like lab rats, btw), and routinely engage in procedures and actions which harm human health, not heal it. These people don’t know what energy healing is — or, if they do, they put it on par roughly with the practices of witch doctors — which more and more people are seeking out, out of sheer desperation!

And, can you really blame them???

Now, we’re also talking about holistic nutrition here — another area that medical “specialists” possess little to no knowledge about. I not only read you like a human MRI alternative, then offer suggestions for your healing program (I must put in a disclaimer here that I AM NOT PROCLAIMING TO BE A PHYSICIAN NOR CLAIM THAT I OR MY TECHNIQUES ARE INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, OR CURE ANY DISEASE). I will complement your energy healing protocol with suggestions for a holistic diet consisting, likely, of such things as:

Energy healing and holistic nutrition are two of my specialties due to my 40 years experience in this field, so sign up today for a time, money, and health-saving life coaching session with me, Sonic Nova, today, and get yourself back on the path to total health and wellness!