What’s up my beautiful friends so in today’s video I’m gonna tell you a little fairy tale a dark fairy tale in this video. I’m gonna explain to you why empaths are so attracted to narcissists and the other way around and why this connection feels so special and feel so precious when you are not aware why do I attract narcissists? You’re actually in a very Toxic Relationship and this is how narcissists destroy empaths, so once upon a time there was an empath are very loving individuals.

Do Empaths Attract Narcissists?

They really also believe that love should rule the world. They have a deep feeling for anything and everything. Basically, they care deeply for their loved ones, so much so that they take over their emotions and their energies as if it is theirs.

So, basically, all empaths are very open. Hearted. They’re very kind, and they also truly see a lot of potentials. In other human beings, they just see the best sights in them, and they really think that everyone at the end of the day is good.

This also means that they are very easy and forgiving and giving second chances because they can really put a human being into context so to say, and they can just say like okay, I understand, or something came from, I feel your pain but the toxic relationship between an empath and narcissist can be devastating.

I also understand that this is not actually you, so, of course, I will forgive you and we can move on from there for them stepping into somebody else’s shoes it’s really easy. It’s, it is their nature.

It’s, their nature either way to give – and this is their form of giving within all of this, you can basically just imagine that an empath just goes through life in a very open way. This also means, however, that they really easily forget about themselves, the empath leaving narcissist relationship is quite a challenge because it is riddled with all kinds of losses including personal property and family keepsakes.



So when an empath meets a narcissist where to begin a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is usually very handsome, very talented, very smart, and very charismatic, so they basically need this attention and narcissists target empaths.

They need this constant praise and the empath is the ultimate person who is able to give that because the empath will just see this incredibly talented, amazing, handsome, incredible human being and will also say that to that person, like my goodness, you have so much potential and you can do this and you can do that and you are absolutely amazing and actually also just genuinely mean it, but the narcissist is just completely fed by all these comments and it’s the toxic relationship between an empath and narcissist that begins and ends before it gets started because the empath will be on the losing end of the gins and losses of this very toxic relationship.

They’ll treat them like a disposable cup. They’ll, use them and throw them away. This dark fairy tale is just meant to give context to what happens when impacts encounter narcissists to all of you and paths out there you can’t change them, you can & # 39, t save them and you can’t rescue Them and you will destroy yourself in the process, so learn that sweet sweet spot of being an empath who has skills of self-advocacy and self-preservation, because we need and paths in this world more than we’ve ever needed them before.

We need people who feel and love and give and show compassion, but we also need all of those empaths out there to remain replenished, because we need you to stop giving the best of yourself to the narcissus.

But a lot of empaths don’t. Get that training and many many people, including their own parents, sometimes take advantage of this quality of being an empath, but this dark dark fairy tale replicates all the time.

The empath basically gives a consistent delivery stream of narcissistic supply, never stopping it to the narcissist or the narcissist in their law. They’ll. Do this sometimes to the point of their complete and utter destruction where they’re no longer taking care of themselves, they’ll often do things like, for example, delay getting their own health care, sometimes to tragic consequences.

I can think of a few cases that actually happen to people. I know in my world where somebody was such an empath and was giving so much of themselves to family members who just kept taking and taking and taking.

If children are raised in that kind of environment of two very empathic people, it’s, amazing, but what so often happens. His impacts have a real propensity of believing that people can be rescued. People can be saved.

We got to give everyone a fair shake and they will literally almost sacrifice themselves in the name of making sure, but they try to win over that narcissist for an empath. The idea of giving up on someone is absolutely unbearable.

It goes against what they really really believe. They see so much good in people that to walk away from someone it’s almost like feeling like they’re walking away from themselves, and so they let themselves remain in their getting shredded and destroyed.

And at that same time, that individual who isn’t it’s more and more walking on eggshells becoming fearful many times, empath, throw very quickly let their health go stop taking care of themselves in favor of trying to please the unpleased.

Well, narcissists these relationships, I believe narcissistic relationships, do more damage to empaths than they do to other people and just to be clear on terminology. When I use this term empath, I really am talking about people who do almost err on the side of a little bit too much empathy.

They give of themselves very much, first and foremost, sometimes to a fault. Quite frankly, they are very attuned to the needs of others, so much so that if they sense distress in the room, their unsettled and want to go, help or intervene in it, they are.

The Extreme Narcissist

Definition-of-an-Extreme -NarcissistJust like yes give it to me this is the epitome of an empath and narcissist marriage. Give it to me the narcissist lives in a world where the world actually revolves around them. They basically live in this inflated sense of importance and entitlement. Basically, they’re.

Also just living in their own lies, so they genuinely don’t think that there is a different one out there, they believe that this is how the world is created, and this is how your meetings are no matter.

If you want to discuss this, even they will probably always find evidence for them to still believe in this life. They often have a profession where they’re, really seen for their expertise. They either way have expertise.

They know a lot about a certain topic and they can really like tell it with a lot of charisma and a lot of know-how and therefore a lot of people admire them and that’s, exactly what they need. So nurses are also just very charismatic, so they know exactly what to say to seduce you, and that is exactly what the empathy also falls for because she’s so emotional that everything just comes in emotionally very easily.

So whenever a narcissist actually shows their empathy, it is meant to win the empath over, but at the end of the day, these are just empty words. They don’t actually mean it. It’s even scientifically proven that they have an empathy deficient disorder where the empath actually thinks and feels like.

How they manipulate and traumatize their victims

Hidden narcissist-How they manipulate and traumatize their victims

This is an act of love for the narcissist. It’s. Never really there. It’s, not real, so their empathy will only last as long as they need it to be, so there will always be strings attached to the favors they stole.

So to make it visual. You can just imagine that an empath is going through life with open arms. She basically says come on here. You can have a home with me. You can be vulnerable. You can be just completely yourself talk to me about anything and everything.

I will completely accept you. The way that you are, we can just grow from this together and truly welcoming this person with open arms at the same time, also just really admire him for what he already is, but also just knowing, especially when narcissists open up about their upbringing or relationship with their parents, an empath, will feel this pain as if it is their own and understand them even more.

The problem, though, is that she’s, always forgetting about her own home, as long as she remains to be an uneducated empath. That is because she values other people more than herself and she’s, always over investing in other people, while the empath is standing there with her arms wide open.

She’s, basically looking at the back of the narcissist, who is also standing with his arms wide open, but then to the rest of the world. His cup will never be full. He always will need this attention and praise from other people, mostly other women, usually, and basically, just it will never be enough, and no matter how much love as an empath, you will give them.

The nurses will always just turn around and have these open arms to the world and we’ll, never truly experience the type of unconditional love that you as an empath are able to experience. So, nurses actually think that they are above everybody else, and they under-invest in people’s eyes.

So this is exactly where the cycle begins and that can keep repeating itself constantly. Until, finally, you can have a breakthrough in which you can actually acknowledge your personality and see that you’re just in a toxic cycle with a very toxic mentally sick individual.

Now the giving part for the empath is not even what will throw her off because for an empath once again, that is her nature and when she’s in a healthy relationship, she is actually able to thrive from there.

However, it’s, really in the little things where it will go wrong so usually, at least in my experience. It’s really in the little communication errors and it’s in the moments where words are turned around and then all of a sudden things are your fault gaslighting.

What happens when an empath leaves a narcissist all these things have words, by the way, all the things that happen in this dynamic. All these things have words and education about. All of this is everything in order to become like an enlightened empath, but also, for example, wanting to talk about a certain situation, and then the narcissist becomes completely pissed off at you and as an empath. You’re completely shocked, and you don’t even know what to do about the situation. So you just keep defending yourself, and you know that that that there’s something off, and you also mostly understand why he does things the way that he does them.

I know that this is not actually you. I know that in your essence, you’re, actually good, and I just know that these are just your wounds coming out and you’re, just projecting them on me, for example.

So an empath will always keep forgiving and will always be able to explain crappy behavior. So there you go again with this cycle: the empathy leeks out and okay, so good. Let’s, just forget about it and move on and then a few days later it happens all over again, so you’re, really talking about opposites attract here and while our love is real for them like we are genuinely loving.

This person, they will never have the same experience, because our love just goes into their heads. It goes into their egos, not into their hearts, and I think what is most important to understand for a fellow impasse here is that you are not here to rescue them.

Traits that attract narcissists: You are not here to save them, you are not just simply also just not able to in this whole situation ship. The main thing what an empath is trying to do is to please the unpleased Narcissist. Empathy will always be hopeful and lead to peace in the empath’s mind but in truth, this Narcissist will never be satisfied and will always require attention.

Let them see the light. Basically, although the light for them it’s, just never. Really there. You’re, basically trying to tell someone how to love, but that person just doesn’t have a heart, and that is for an empath just impossible to even think about.

But that is just how it is. The problem in all of this lies just in the fact that empath just truly will sacrifice themselves over the needs of others. So, as you guys have seen during my own journey, I lost a lot of weight.

I lost my hair, I lost my curls. I lost the spark in my eyes, so many viewers saw it and I wasn’t able to see it myself because for me it just felt thank you, but I genuinely want to be with this person.

I genuinely love him and I do see his good side as an empath. You will always just have something over you that people will just have the feeling that they can give their all and tell you their life stories and basically just feel at home with you, which is absolutely beautiful.

The main thing is just that you need to have your own home first as an empath. It almost seems impossible for them to walk away and emotionally distance themselves from the situation because they are just so in the situation and they so love this person.

Deep down that either way walking away from a person who also has a soul, it’s, just like it’s, pretty much mission impossible for them because they really value a human being. You can’t just walk away from that.



So again, this verbally abusive behavior from the Narcissist is a no-win outcome and the empath becomes disheartened and finally realizes she has been living with a Narcissist from the beginning of the relationship, now its time to walk away. For the narcissists to abuse and ignore their partner is just so part of their nature, and that is why you need to hear it. You need to rationalize it, and you need to educate yourself about what is actually going on and like the things that are happening in this dynamic, is really unhealthy and are really just not normal.

Please don’t ever think that this is normal, especially because Narcissists think that this is perfectly normal for their personality, and they never admit to being at fault of any verbal or in some cases physical abuse since its always the empaths fault because the empath caused them to be abusive. They always project their abuse and never are able to see how abusive and destructive they are.

My biggest shift turned out to be that I recognize that I always thought that my self-love was kind of big, but the biggest act of Self-Love actually means that you are able to genuinely like genuinely love someone, but that you’re still able to see and state, this person is not good. They are abusive self-serving and lie to get their way.

For me, this person is doing me harm. This person is unhealthy for me, although I love this person so much. My love for myself is bigger and therefore I need to distance myself from this abusive Narcissist. I’m now, sharing a lot of memes and everything, empath, narc related on my insta stories, and I recently saw this meme and it said Law of Attraction.

Oh, you’re a narcissist. Well, I’m, going to introduce you to an empath to Humble you, so you know what it’s like to value, respect, and love someone other than yourself. So you’re, an empath.

Well, I’m gonna surround you with narcissists, so you can toughen up, realize your ego and learn to value yourself more than you value others. This is it in a nutshell. Being an empath is absolutely beautiful.

How to how do empaths protect themselves from narcissists and stop attracting narcissists you just need to know how and where and when and with who to use it, and this is exactly why I created a safe space on Patreon. The safe space is, basically, you will become a member either way of the wild and free community.

The wild and free community is really meant to be able to acknowledge your personality, to be able to see your ego for what it is. But the special membership for empaths is truly focused on living life as an empath and learning how to protect yourself learning how to shield yourself from narcissistic energy vampires and not get stuck in the same patterns because that is the place from which an empath can truly thrive.

As long as you’re, an educated empath, remember codependents attracted to narcissists learn to be more independent you can use your personality traits in the most beautiful ways possible. You just need to figure out how does an empath get over a narcissist and learn how to deal with yourself. Basically, I want to thank you all so much for watching keep letting love rule.

I love it how everything sort of falls into place for my own being and knowing and everything on my youtube channel and what I’ve, always said about life. I hope to see you in the next one love you guys bye.

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