With all the talk these days about politics and religion, especially in lieu of the 2016 political race in the States, and the unholy jihad unleashed upon the people and (especially) the children of the Middle East now for over a decade, it needs to be said: divisive belief systems dehumanize us all, and are shameful methods that the “elite controllers” employ to get us all mired in controversy and conflict, while they rob and rape us blind.

We as humans are not at our best when immersed in political and religious dogma and in-fighting, and instead reach our highest potential only by going within ourselves as individuals and gaining supreme insight and higher consciousness, thereby being better able to bring the best and greatest amount of change to the world. Notice how Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the greatest masters did not work principally from religious or political platforms, but instead preached their true-to-the-heart doctrines of peace from the platform of humankind-ness to breakdown divisive belief systems that dehumanize us all.

Therefore, do not look to political or religious figureheads to bring change and absolution to humanity. The game is rigged. The pope, Obama, not even good ol’ Bernie Sanders – are going to bring needful, humanitarian change to this extremely messed-up, upside-down and backwards world. We the People in 2016 need to be our own seers, physicians, priests, and rulers if we are to get out of the bind we are now in. We need to work together to fight the divisive nature of dehumanizing belief systems, and forego an immersion in poisonous religious and political belief systems, listen instead to the cosmos and our own heart beating, and fine-tune our senses to that which speaks to us of true change on that very subtle, inherent level.

As I write this, there are still millions wrapped up in and distracted by concerns about politics, media, religion, death and taxes, banking and finance, and a host of “Archontic” old-paradigm beliefs regarding how and what runs the world (still, in 2016!), and is important to their lives. I tell you all that it is only by that entire system collapsing, along with such divisive belief systems as Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Zionism and all the modes of our oppression that we will finally have our Heaven on Earth!