discover the root cause of all disease, the spiritual roots of disease and how to cure disease for good!

Many on this planet right now are asking themselves, “What is the root cause of all disease?” and also “Can I learn how to cure disease?” Know, dear ones, that it is a combination of things having to do with our lifestyles, but is also partly environmental as well. It almost wholly has to do with how we perceive the world, and how we take care of ourselves accordingly. It most certainly has much to do with what we are ingesting into our bodies, but also with how we guard ourselves from so-called free radicals and other environmental assaults on our birthright of deserving good health. It goes deeper than that, though — to the spiritual roots of disease which, too, can be identified and mitigated with practice. There are ways we can achieve and maintain good health, though, even in the face of constant threats to our health and well-being–from within and without.

There is a great saying that says, “Doctors treat but God heals.” If only we could all grasp this fact for real. It seems a lot of us are guilty of putting all of our trust and hopes in what the doctor says. You see, science says that a certain condition is permanent, or that science may not have a cure for that sickness or disease. But friends, what makes us think that God can’t fix what the devil tried to attack when He is the one who created our bodies? Jesus taught us how to heal sickness, disease, and wounds. The healing is already ours. All we have to do is believe it, seek it, and declare it. Don’t be defeated or intimidated by medical science hacks who are only out to make profits. The devil wants you to think that what you are dealing with is permanent or incurable. The devil wants you to think you are already defeated. He doesn’t want you to realize that you can take charge of your health and wellness and cure sickness, disease, or any negative condition in the body, mind, or spirit.

Eliminating the Root Cause of All Disease

This is the question of the day–even beyond politics, terrorism, and supposed threats from outer space: How do we eliminate the root cause or causes of disease? Everyone is looking for the cure for this, for that. Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimers, Autism, Lyme Disease, et al, are afflicting huge numbers of us, and most are perplexed and befuddled into an impotent stupor by the available information, as well as by the medical establishment, who only perform “managed care,” not the curing of disease. Eliminating the root cause of all disease, then, comes down to being informed to a great degree. It is education–and not in the traditional, or mainstream institutional way–dealing with our innate physiology on a personal, genetic level, and knowing exactly what we should be feeding our bodies, minds, and spirits accordingly.

Disease (dis-ease) is the state of, literally, being out of ease with ourselves. It’s that simple, and yet it’s more complicated. It really has to do with knowing ourselves (Know Thyself, said the ancient riddle of the Sphinx), and knowing the intrinsic makeup of Nature’s bounty, and how she provides what we need in order to be “at ease” with ourselves. To survive in this day and age of misinformation, lies, and indoctrinated fantasy at every step of the way, we have had to become our own physicians, because the white-coats aren’t out to heal you. They make money keeping you on dangerous and ineffective pharmaceuticals, so my advice is also to stay the hell out of hospitals, oncology clinics, and forget what the kooks in the medical establishment tell you.

Listen to your inner voice, and your body when it says, “I don’t think that food is any good for me,” or, “You don’t need those pills to feel better — in fact, they make you feel worse”. Listening to the subtleties of your body, mind and spirit is the first step to healing and being at ease instead of dis-eased. Then, you can get at the root cause of all disease, identify the spiritual roots of disease, and learn how to cure disease — either from a holistic health guide like myself, or you can give your dis-ease completely over to me and let me guide you on the journey back to wellness.

Cure the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Roots of Disease

Discover, then, the root cause of all disease and how to cure yourself of it, with me, your medical intuitive, life coach, and health and wellness counselor Sonic Nova! Yes, you CAN cure yourself of the mental, emotional, and spiritual roots of disease by making a few easy lifestyle changes (easier for some than others) and say goodbye to chronic illnesses of all types. Schedule a reading with me, Sonic Nova, today, and be back on the road to good health as I show you exactly how to remedy disease and cure yourself for good!