The recent passing of superstar musician Prince cannot have really surprised anybody, what with the year of carnage we have been experiencing. This is yet another high-profile celebrity, untimely death thrust in our faces, plastered all over every media outlet in the world–purposely, mind you–as part of the agenda which Noam Chomsky makes reference to, and I am paraphrasing: “Without the celebrity, or star system in place in Hollywood, the power structure of the west, and the United States in particular, would fail”. We are seeing this thrown plain and clear in our faces–what some call illuminati or satanic sacrifices to increase record sales, or even produce emotional reactions on a massive scale. Chomsky’s words are true for several reasons. 1) Those in power get off on making the masses feel like weak and powerless nobodies, and the celebrity system guarantees that gulf of self-esteem will make the masses pliable; 2) It is part of the bread and circuses distraction of the vox populi–the credo being, keep them distracted with fame and celebrity, and we can waltz over here and commit any atrocity we want in the name of power and greed; 3)Through the medium of stars and celebrities, they use it as a mouthpiece or stage for their agendas, which is clearly evident in mainstream Hollywood movies, if you will note the fear, pseudoscience, and obsession with zombies, monsters, and the trans-humanist agenda (making the human robotic).

Now, what does all that have to do with the death of Prince–a very talented musician who sold 80 million albums and was a hugely prolific and influential pop star? A lot, actually. Prince defied big, corporate music and media companies, thumbing his nose at Warner Brothers in the ’90s, then coming out about chemtrails about ten years ago (a fact which will backfire on the trolls in power who will now have a billion people looking up Prince videos--which include quite a few on his chemtrails interviews). He was staunchly self-making, independent, and a thorn in the side of the illuminati, who see all major-label artists as their property, so–get rid of him when he becomes a liability and get so many ancillary benefits in the process, including, psy-ops dividends in popular grief, and millions more album and song sales going to the now top-of-the-pyramid media companies like Apple, Time Warner, Comcast, Fox, et al. The death of Prince simply further denotes the death of a failed system and empire called “The American Way”.