Cutting cords

Cord-cutting of your past relationships is very important, as not doing this will keep you tied to the energy of someone or something in your past that weighs you down and perpetuates negativity in your life. Many people do not realize that it’s often not enough to simply walk away from a situation or persons/people. Quite often, you will carry with you the negative karma of that person or situation by proxy – meaning, simply because you shared karma with that situation or individual(s).

I, Sonic Nova, can quickly and easily remedy you of any negative karma or even supernatural beings and entities you may have inadvertently took with you when you left a past unhealthy situation. I can remote view from afar your body and domicile and see exactly what the situation is and what is required. Once I have done the cord cutting with you (your participation is necessary), then I will keep abreast of your situation to make sure no energy or entities have persisted. I will do as many sessions as needed to clear you from past karma.

My cord cutting can also be done for individuals simply wishing to clear their own past bad karma, and in conjunction with curse removal and spell removal.

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