It was a tradition in ancient Greece–make a pilgrimage to Delphi and consult an oracle to learn about one’s life, along with the Cosmos, Mother Nature, and the Sacred Mysteries of the Universe. Fast forward 3,000 or so years, and our modern-day parallel to the Oracle at Delphi is our trusted clairvoyants, tarot readers, psychics, and others who generally live on the fringes of society–just as the oracles did–and dole out sacred, divinely-ascertained information for those seeking “higher answers”. But, do we always know the questions–and many times know the answers in our hearts already? A good oracle stays in touch with Divine Source, and is able, through their abilities at seeing the truth of life, to alchemize another’s existence (as well as their own) through the passing-on of this “divine” information in such a way as to free, heal, cleanse, or uplift the seeking soul, who can never return to their former, ignorant state.

Who is qualified to be called an oracle, and who should be seeking them out? Well, in short–a very few, and, conversely, just about everyone who desires more knowledge about their lives, and life in general. But, does everyone who consults an oracle have their lives transformed permanently–alchemized, as I’d like to characterize it? I would say yes–if indeed that oracle provided some kind of salient and indispensable information regarding that seeker-out of the divine seer. I think, as the ancients and many indigenous people do, that once sacred, divine information is revealed, instead of being “occult,” or occluded, then that person, persona, individual must, to some degree, become healed, and have some aspect of their lives forever, irretrievably transformed. And this is alchemy, folks. Call it “life alchemy,” and call me, by the way, if you’d like to experience some of that panacea, or elixir of life, as it’s long been known, by receiving the sacred knowledge held in the ethers that only we seers can access!