Do Empaths Attract Narcissists? A Dark Fairy Tale…

What's up my beautiful friends so in today's video I'm gonna tell you a little fairy tale a dark fairy tale in this video. I'm gonna explain to you why empaths are so attracted to narcissists and the other way [...]

5 Signs of a Psychic Attack

This is one of the most common cases I see: those who have suffered a psychic attack of some type or other. A "psychic attack" can go by other names, e.g. entity possession, mind control, psychic implant, or directed beam [...]

Consult an Oracle and Alchemize Your Life

It was a tradition in ancient Greece--make a pilgrimage to Delphi and consult an oracle to learn about one's life, along with the Cosmos, Mother Nature, and the Sacred Mysteries of the Universe. Fast forward 3,000 or so years, and [...]

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Get a Remote Psychic Healing and Save Big Money!

With me, Sonic Nova, you can have any issue in your life addressed by my psychic healing talent and subsequently healed, including any physical ailment.  Along with all the love and relationship and career and finance readings I do, I [...]

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Book a Psychic Healing Session, Sign up for Classes, Become a Member of Sonic Nova dot Net!

Become a Psychic Healer, Member, and Book Your Next Session Are you ready to learn to become a quantum healing master yourself? Want huge savings on multiple psychic sessions? Are you interested in both free and paid memberships - both [...]

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