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What Is an Oracle? And How to Develop Psychic Abilities?

The most famous Oracle that a lot of people have heard of is the Oracle at Delphi now I have to live in Greece for two years before I came here I have been to Delphi it is an extraordinary [...]

How Solar Activity and Earth Changes Affect Our DNA

It's making the rounds of alternative news, because you won't see it accurately expounded on in mainstream media. It is perhaps the top story in terms of our place in the solar system, our Earth, and our place upon her, [...]

DNA Activation and Chakra Healing Are So 2018

A DNA activation and chakra healing are well in order in these times of rapidly shifting and ascension energy matrices. Specifically, your energy matrix is what you need to be paying attention to more than ANYTHING ELSE right now. As [...]

Get a 12-Strand DNA Activation with an Ascension Consultant

Get an upgrade of your body, mind, and spirit with a 12-strand DNA activation with Ascension Consultant Sonic Nova today! This will aid you in coming into your light body, which will allow you to vibrate at higher frequencies, thus [...]

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