With all of the maladies suffered by the average person – and considering all of those which I, Sonic Nova can successfully rid my clients from – I ask how it is that people feel they can afford not to have a session or buy a session package from me? When you weigh the costs on both sides – what you will pay in doctor and hospital visits, and in expensive, interminable pharmaceutical drugs that only mask symptoms and make you sicker – having a session or sessions with me is truly a small price to pay for regaining your health. And if our health is all we have, isn’t it priceless, then?

When you consider that I have a 99.9% success rate in curing everything from insomnia to cancer, it truly amazes me that more of my repeat clients don’t opt-in to getting the multiple session packages, at an average of 30% savings. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on the part of those who tell themselves “just one or two sessions will cover it” when their cases demand perhaps ten or more to rid the really embedded diseases and disorders. But when I evaluate you, i will tell you how many sessions you will need as a minimum, and if that minimum is at least ten, I will recommend saving big money on getting yourself well, of course.

With my unparalleled psychic reading, medical intuitive, and remote viewing skills, a package deal will give you both a wealth of self-understanding and betterment, and save you money as well!