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Discover for yourself how Online Relationship Counseling expert Sonic Nova has successfully aided hundreds of clients in finding their true soul mate, or has brought ultimate clarity to their current relationship issues through innovative couples therapy! By bringing her “quantum” skills as a life coach to bear on all manner of problems people face in relationships in today’s world, she has helped many to gain clarity on their relationship status and destiny by weighing factors such as personality match, emotional compatibility, career, finances, mutual needs and desires, and more. With her innate clairvoyant and remote viewing skills, Sonic Nova can instantly zero in your issues and concerns and surmise what is needed in terms of making changes, or who may be waiting on the horizon to meet you!

Saving a Relationship in Crisis

Relationship counseling expert Sonic Nova has helped many people just like you who are looking for answers and insights regarding their relationships and patterns in relationships, and goes far beyond just simply giving you a stock answer for what you should do. Taking into account all kinds of factors, such as your location, occupation, age, education, etc., Sonic Nova will very quickly discern whether you need to hang in and work on saving a relationship in crisis, cut your losses and work on yourself, or she is even able to see if there is a special someone who is far more compatible out there just waiting to meet you!

Relationships are tricky. You have two people who are very independent, now learning how to adjust and figure out how to function with this other person in their life. In my own relationship both of us are pretty independent and function quite well on our own, but there were some days where we had to learn to adjust to each other.

One of the worst things to do in any relationship is internalize frustrations until you erupt in a paroxysm of anger. Some people hold in negative thoughts they may have about friends, their significant other or family members and eventually snap. This is upsetting for everyone involved. To carry on a healthy relationship, address problems as they come up. Don’t wait until it’s too late and irreparable damage has been done to speak up, or you may be headed for couples therapy.

If you get into a fight or become upset with the other person, take whatever time you need to fume and decompress. Then consider his/her best qualities to remember why you care about them in the first place. When I got into a dispute with a close friend a few months ago, I thought about how much she was there for me in a crucial situation—a day I needed my friend the most. It’s not fun to argue with anyone you adore, but it happens from time to time in relationships, and what matters is how you come through when troubles present themselves.

Hot Tip: Mitigate suspicion, but don’t snoop. Everyone who snoops finds what they were looking for. If you think he’s cheating and you hack into his Facebook, chances are good you will find some random message with an old female friend that you could probably construe as cheating somehow. Snooping just isn’t a good idea, even if they accidentally left their Gmail open on your computer and you’re drooling to read through it.

Says Randi Gunther Ph.D. regarding relationships:

“This isn’t about visiting each other when you’re asleep. It’s about sharing ideas, feelings, and desires while you’re wrapped around each others minds and hearts. It can be as simple as talking about what you want to be when you grow up, or pretending you were a character in a movie you just saw together and sharing how you would have felt. Fantasizing about a dream vacation is good, but so is sharing a nice memory or helping each other through a hard rehearsal.”

Better Than Traditional Relationship Counseling

Better than standard couples therapy with some second-rate Freud, which often times brings only wasted time and disappointment – and better than some psycho-therapist or standard relationship counseling with those mainly thinking about billable hours, and not your overall well-being – Sonic’s very special online relationship counseling delivers “Your Destiny Now,” and does it without wasting your time and money!

What are you waiting for? Find your destiny now, with Sonic Nova and her amazing psychic healing and life coach skills, which make her far more able to readily deliver you a picture of your relationship needs and future than a run-of-the-mill life coach or couples therapy counselor. With her unique abilities as a celebrated online relationship counseling expert, you’ll never need to shop around again for couples therapy or relationship counseling online (or anywhere else) again, so contact Sonic today to find your destiny!