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Need Removal of Nanotech and Chemtrail Residue?

Everyone everywhere -- literally the global population -- is being adversely affected by chemtrails and nanotechnology (aka nanoparticles). Almost everyone I know and work with has some sort of issue aerosol spraying sickness, be it chem-lung disease (persistent bronchitis-like cough) [...]

I’m an Alternative Pet Healer and Pet Psychic Who Works Fast

Our pets are more than just "pets". They are our animal children, and for some of us, our dearest loved ones. I understand this implicitly, as I, too, am a devoted animal lover and mommy, and do anything to ensure [...]

How Solar Activity and Earth Changes Affect Our DNA

It's making the rounds of alternative news, because you won't see it accurately expounded on in mainstream media. It is perhaps the top story in terms of our place in the solar system, our Earth, and our place upon her, [...]

Find Your Soul Mate or True Love Match Today

If you are currently in search of that true love match or want to find your next soul mate, then call me for a relationship reading that will access your consciousness and energy field to find that elusive ONE. How [...]

The Bombs Bursting in Kabul and Elsewhere

While the globalist agenda continues to shamelessly distract the masses with its bloodshed and gore, like the recent bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, I challenge you to consider, with every bomb and appertaining news story, what the greedy power-mad are really [...]

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