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Keter is also absolute compassion – the Creator represents absolute perfection and due to its proximity to the Creator, no flaw can exist in this sefirah.

A Key to Receiving Spiritual Guidance,

So, quite often, people think about receiving spiritual guidance and they think about the universe or source as being outside of them, and what I want you to think about is the fact that you are an intricate part of the universe, and actually, the universe is not only Around you, but it’s in you, the source or whatever you believe in spiritually, or maybe you’re religious whatever there is that created you because it created you, you are a part of it.

You cannot be separate from it, so it is always coming through you. It’s in you it’s in every cell of your body as well as it being around you when you know that you start to realize that you have the ability to EXCI spiritual guide and it’s not just from what is going on around you and other people. But from inside of yourself, of course, you can go and see people that are blogs and mediums and guides to provide your information and get expert advice and all this type of thing to help you on your spiritual journey in life.

But you need to remember that you are your own authority because sources are new and it created you. So you attempt into that wisdom. But how do you know how to access there? How do you notice it in order to be able to utilize it? That requires you’d have a level of stillness and awareness to be able to feel it coming through you as your intuition nerves, nudges, and hunches, and for you to be able to notice that, when it’s going on around you when life has seen new signs for you To be able to recognize them and know what to do with them and when I say stillness, I’m not talking about being still in your body and talked about having a busy active life but being still within yourself.

So, even though you’re racing around doing all the things you need to do, you still have a level of awareness where you’re curious about the life you’re, paying attention to how life is interacting with you, you’re noticing your feelings and you’re asking yourself. What might this mean, and how might this be helping me guiding me on my journey? So I hope that simple tape has been helpful for you to be able to hone that awareness within yourself to know the power is within you to create curiosity and observance of life as you go about your daily routine.

Receiving Spiritual Guidance,

You know what this is. It’s somebody who has opened the aperture of their camera or the lens of the camera and left it open until the stars. You know make a perfect circle around it. At the center is, are Polaris or the North Star, and the little the white dot you see there is mine. I did take that. I stuck that in there because it was not real clear as for illustration purposes, but you’ve focused a camera on the North Star and you just leave.

Leave it out. Leave the shutter open. It’s a long exposure and it looks like the stars are doing this. But it’s not the stars, its Oz, you know we’re turning the earth is turning and so and also when you have software that needs to be updated. That doesn’t mean the stars have changed. That means technology has changed, they’re all doing the same thing, but in this with the secretarial mount with this telescope, you do what they call a polar alignment and what that is, are you set your inner compass? You face the thing to the north and then you put it at the right angle.

I can’t hang on to anything that is permanently satisfying, because I have not first locked onto my North Star. I have not first locked on to that inner presence that and that’s important to do because it’s the one thing just like the North Star, that does not move it’s like the axle in the wheel. Just imagine a spinning, wheel and you’ve got some object. Posted on this wheel and you’re trying to follow that object, you’re looking at it through a small aperture, and sometimes it’s in your view, and sometimes not as it seems.

But if you move your vision to the axle it never changes. It’s always there, even though that doesn’t matter how fast the wheel spins. Well, we think that we think, if I can just lock on that star or lock on that object, lock on that resolution to that problem or whatever it put it behind they’ll be happy, and you know we want to do that course, but we lock on it And then it goes out of our view because we’re not locked in here we’re not locked we’re not centered in ourselves, and we are when you’re, not centered in yourself.

You think that a resolution to something will satisfy you and it doesn’t. It does for time. I’ve had so many issues in my life that I just couldn’t wait for them to get resolved, so I could get on with life and there’s we want that. But you see the universe doesn’t really care. If you look at Saturn, if you look at the Orion Nebula, if you look at Andromeda, if you look at anything, it’s there, no matter what, but do you want to have that experience? That’s really all that’s being asked, and it’s not the universe asking it’s you.

It’s the universe is saying: I’m spread out here, everything you can imagine is here, do you want it, and I say yes, I do want this. Okay, if you want satisfaction in this life, you’ve got to lock on to your North Star. You’ve got to align yourself with what you are at the deepest level. You’ve got to touch that ground of being this pole. Until I call it where you know, that’s what you’re looking for in life and everything else, you know all they’re looking at the planets.

All this other stuff is, do it there’s nothing wrong with it pursue it, but if you pursue it in the wrong way, it won’t be satisfying you’ll be constantly adjusting constantly trying to. I think what most of us do. We, we don’t lock onto the North Star. We put our telescope on an on a planet and we pray that the universe stops. God, please, you know give me this answer, stop the earth from turning, because I wanted to look at this thing.

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But do you think the universe cares that we’re having a problem with that? It’s not a matter of caring, it’s a matter of aligning ourselves with the way it works, and that’s really what life is about. It’s what we’re seeking to discover in this whole spiritual journey? It’s not that we’re trying to that we’re making these affirmations to try to make something. True, we want to align ourselves with what is true, that’s what this is all about.

That’s what a spiritual education is all about. You know what the traditional Christian has done is created a story and that we are trying to fit into that story. We’re trying to make sense of that story. It’s a popular story. People have bought into it and primarily because we were born into it and that’s our authority, and it’s if you get to the point where you don’t accept that anymore, you’ve may feel a little bit of guilt that you’re letting go of this or you know maybe a little fear, maybe they’re right kind of thing, but then you get past that, and you say that’s a perspective.

That is a template. Somebody laid over reality and do I have to accept that as being true? Is that true? Is that really true, and because it makes somebody happy, it doesn’t mean it’s true. I just like the gentleman this morning that I was talking to he’ll find a place that makes him happy. Would it make me happy? No, I’m sure it wouldn’t it’s true. As far as he’s concerned, but I would just say, he’s not done with the spiritual journey – I’m not saying worthy end of the line either.

But I have been on that road and I know what it feels like. I know what it is like and when you start having more questions and than answers, it’s time to move on and that’s what we probably all done here, but we’re not trying to change the universe, we’re not trying to change God. We’re not trying to get God to behave differently. I shouldn’t say we’re not trying to do that. Many of us are trying to do that.

You know what is an affirmation you’re looking at Mars, you’re not locked into the North Star Mars is moving you’re saying, Mars. Is standing still, I envision Mars standing still, how ridiculous would that be totally so here’s the thing you forget Mars and you go back to the North Star. You go back and lock into the North Star first and then visit Mars. Do you think you’re being punished by the universe when Mars is floating across your lens? No, you are engaging in principle, but you’re not cooperating with it.

So it’s not working according to what you are expecting or wanting, but it is working. Prayer is to make an adjustment, so in my scenario here, what would that be it? We get. We get your telescope back on the North Star and lock it in and then go to Mars because nobody’s going to say you’re not supposed to be looking at Mars. You’re, not good enough. You haven’t read enough astronomy books. You don’t deserve to look at Mars.

We hear all of these things in traditional religion, but it’s because we’re not cooperating with principal and principal is it’s you first, your connection with God. First, it’s your awakening. You’re centeredness in God, and then everything else comes into focus. Everything else is okay. There are no rules that say because you haven’t earned it or deserved it or you haven’t, read all the astronomy books.

You can’t look at Mars. You can’t have an experience like you want. What is for sure, you can’t have an experience like you want? If you don’t follow the rules, if you don’t follow the principles, if you don’t lock on the North Star first, you can look at Mars for a while, and then you can struggle to stay up with it. I’ve tried to do that before you just keep adjusting, keep adjusting it keeps going away.

It keeps going away. You want to throw a rope around it and say hang on, so you can do it that way and that’s how a lot of us live our lives. You know we’re going through life, always trying to correct always trying to fix always trying to bring back into view something that wants to seem to run away from us, but that’s not the problem. So what is guidance? His guidance, looking wrongly we’re looking to your telescope, not utilizing the principles of it and and and praying or affirming that that that it does work somehow we can make this work or is guidance, a simple matter of slowing back to the Northstar starting there.

Getting yourself locked in taking time to be still, you know, you’re involved in this pursuit in life, and something is bothering you and so you’re out there trying to focus on it, trying to keep it from moving out of your view, trying to resolve it. What you will find is that as you let it go you stop trying to do that. Just forget Mars. Forget that that thing whatever it is, come back into yourself, go alone, open yourself to the presence of God or the Divine.

You say how do I do that find out? How to do it? How do you lock on to the North Star you’ve got to find it? You have to find it. I went online to do some research on how to use this little scope. Finder that I have, I still had to go outside, get on my knees and I wasn’t praying and look through this thing and find the North Star. I had to do that because all of the YouTube articles in the world they can show me what needs to be done, but I have to do it.

Otherwise, my scope will not be in alignment, and that is such an appropriate analogy for how we approach this whole spiritual thing. We read about how someone else did it. We read about the benefits of it. It’s inspiring, but are we actually kneeling in front of our telescope, looking through a little tube, and focusing on our North Star having the experience of getting tuned in? Because if you do not set your telescope, it will not work properly.

It works properly. It just doesn’t give you the results, you won’t see, that’s the thing. This universe is always working properly. God is always working properly. If we’re not getting the results, we want we’re, not adjusting or locking our telescope in, and that is so what’s guidance. Guidance is about that, it’s not about how do I keep up with a fast-moving Mars and that’s how we normally think about it, even if we happen to bring our object into the eyepiece in a matter of seconds, it drifts out of view.

So that’s the pursuit and you know I look at there’s on my Facebook page, there are all kinds of people that are involved in new thought things, and I just I’m amazed at how many seem to be talking about how to stay locked on Mars without going to The North Star, the assumption, is well you’re, a child of God. You shouldn’t really need to do that. You know you deserve a beautiful view of Mars. Yeah! Okay, you can’t you do you deserve it, not that you deserve it, but you can have it no cost.

how solar activity affects our dnaThe only cost is understanding the principle and that’s why I focus so much on individuality and your EGO self identified, so who are you spiritually?  Is this the first expression of God? That you are the I AM it’s your life, that’s your North Star, your Polaris, and if we get back into this place, you know you’re going through this thing. In your minds all over the place, let it go stop trying to focus on Mars. Stop trying to resolve that problem that you’re having and go first seek first, the kingdom of God and all else will be added that makes perfect sense, seek first, the North Star and everything else will fall in place.

That makes perfect sense to me, and what’s that mean it means I’m trying to resolve things in my life, so I’ll feel better well, why not go to that Center and feel better and then go out in your world and deal with the situations? That’s the point. Seek first, the kingdom and everything else falls in place because you will resolve this thing or that thing and another thing will come up. You know you can say: okay, I saw Mars for a little while and I was able to follow it because I made these fast adjustments and it’s a lot of work, but I was able to do that.

So I think I’ll look at Venus, and so we go to Venus and we search around until we finally find Venus, and then we do the same thing. You know I have to keep adjusting the knobs to keep Venus in focus and by the end of the night, we’re just worn out we’re doing the work the telescope is supposed to be doing see. We call it divine order, but it’s almost like math. That’s why I think artists’ whole homes referred to spirituality as inner knowing science.

There’s a science involved in this universe on how to experience spiritual renewal. We work a certain way and most of us don’t know what that is. We’re trying to fulfill ourselves from the outside. Our North Star is where it’s inside of us. It’s our very soul. It’s our heart, and we don’t experience that. We feel this restlessness that we’ve got to have something more added to our life to be whole, but the whole thing is guidance takes us to our North Star.

It takes us to that place where we are fulfilled. To begin with, fulfillment is not a place. You end up, it’s where you begin and we don’t get that because we’re trained to think I don’t have enough. I need more of something and so we’re on this quest for and then we go out and we find stuff and we work really hard to stay focused on it. It just keeps drifting out like it’s not supposed to be so.

There are people that say that you know Venus drifts out of sight, so we said well, must not men be meant to be, God must not want me to see Venus God care less. If you’re looking at a fly, a dandelion or Venus does has no impact whatsoever on God. The only impact it has is on you. What would you rather look at a fly or Venus about a Venus flytrap? Okay, so what is guidance is guidance, a better finder scope.

You know and you need a finder scope, it’s a little scope that sits on top of your telescope and I say little because in if you’re, a professional level, it’s quite large but a finderscope has a wide field of view. So you can see a really big area and you see this star, you see that planet whatever and then you move your telescope. To that, you know the computer is running the whole thing, but you fine-tune it and it’s a very helpful device.

So, okay, I need a wider field of view. I need a better finder scope, but that’s not it. That’s not the answer if I could just find a better way to spot these objects. I’d be more successful. It’s true that you will but you’ll still have the same problem. You’ll bring that thing into view. You’ll bring a resolution to your problem, but it’ll still move it’s still moving all the time. So that’s not what guidance is it’s not a better finder scope? It’s not a better set of affirmations than denials how to renew yourself emotionally is the key component to being at peace within.

It’s not a better understanding of anything other than you need to lock on your Northstar, stop the search, and bring the telescope into proper polar alignment Center on the North Star if you’re involved in something now. This is perfectly in alignment with, with your life you’re doing something you’re trying to resolve a problem. This is how to renew yourself spiritually. Lay it down, stop doing that. Stop trying to figure it out go apart, be still start letting go.

Let go of the energy. Let go of your thoughts. Let go of the mind’s thoughts they are not here to support you. Is one of the ways on how to connect with yourself spiritually I’ve got to get this done. I’ve got to get this. I’ve got a lock on that thing. I’ve got to follow it. I’ve got it whatever. Just let it go, let that whole thing go because it’s not going to work until you get back to your Center and as you get back to your Center, you begin to feel the power that you have never lost. You’ve always had this.

You stop your search. Knowing yourself spiritually that’s the first step, stop trying to resolve the problem, return to your spiritual Center guidance. All guidance takes you back to your spiritual center. It takes you back to your Northstar. That’s what guidance is all about it’s not about. Should I do this? Should I do that? It’s finding your strength and your center, unlocking your true self and you’ll know what to do. Your compass is programmed to do the right things.

life coach certification,How to reinvent yourself spiritually It’s almost mathematics and maybe it is mathematics. Maybe it’s more than mathematics do a spiritual alignment and again that’s all just let go then return to your regular life. When you touch your center of power, you will then go out and know what to do this is the spirituality knowledge of self. It’s like you’re, you tell us knows where to go once it’s centered realizing your true self, you know where to go. You know what to do once you’re centered and just to end this, I want to show you one of the pictures I did get earlier last week.

So it’s there and when the compass is set right, it’s pretty incredible that we can do this inner spiritual work.

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