Here are five signs of psychic attack and psychic attack symptomsThis is one of the most common cases I see: those who have suffered a psychic attack of some type or other. A “psychic attack” can go by other names, e.g. entity possession, mind control, psychic implant, or directed beam weapon attack (a.k.a. particle beam weapons).  Many of my clients report these kinds of assaults upon their mind and person, which I can then go in and remote view with my clairvoyant and intuitive skills, seeing the attacker, who and where they are, how they are doing it, and everything. I can then neutralize these attackers, stopping attacks on targeted individuals, generally, within a few sessions. Most times I succeed at permanently neutralizing psychic attacks in one or a few sessions. Here are five signs of psychic attack and their psychic attack symptoms:

  1. You feel like “my thoughts are not my own,” as they are not characteristic of you.
  2. A sense of having your mind be controlled or directed.
  3. Physical symptoms like headache or dizziness.
  4. Sudden bad dreams or nightmares out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason.
  5. You hear audible voices in your head unlike the “normal” voice you might hear from time to time.

Psychic Attacks Are Black Magic

Psychic attacks can also be caused by someone doing black magic or “voodoo” spells on another. I am seeing this more and more often in my life coaching practice. The unenlightened ones who are abusing the powers of magic are using black magic on all levels of society to subdue people who are, in some form, a threat to them. This extends from a scorned lover to an ex, all the way up to the so called “illumined ones” who are not enlightened at all, but who instead routinely employ directed beam weaponry through cell phone towers, military weaponry, crowd control technology, wireless technology including mobile phones, smartpads, PCs; and even HD TV sets, and other covert means to psychically assault us.

You can receive a psychic attack in dreams, usually repeatedly, and using what I call dream warrior technology or “synthetic telepathy,” provoking and manipulating yo until you feel you are losing your mind — sending you searching for those who know how to stop psychic attacks like me, hopefully. You may not even know it by that name, but may realize that someone, somewhere is utilizing brainwashing and mind control techniques against you.

To wit, this excerpt from a website called Project Freedom:

“Protection from Frequency/Psychotronic weapons is not an easy task. This is particularly so because the vast array of symptoms that are caused by attacks from these weapons duplicate symptoms that can be created from other (natural) non-malicious sources.

Those of us who know they are targets of secret government experiment and torture are at present in the minority. The majority as yet are unfortunately very unaware that they are under serious threat from a remote source.

The mainstream understanding within society are presently unaware of the use of these weapons on innocent civilians. They will therefore be unable to discern whether or not any negative symptoms experienced have been created by natural non-malicious sources, or the malicious intent of the Mind Control Police within the Freemasonic Secret Society Brotherhood-controlled intelligence services.


Our first line of protection is therefore to know that these Frequency Weapons (FW) are used by the intelligence agencies on society for the purpose of Remote Emotional, Physical and Mind manipulation – Toward Social Control Experimentation and Murder. If we do not acknowledge this very basic fact, we are leaving ourselves wide open for the major physical and psychological destruction of our being.

By contacting as many government, legal, social and media officials as possible regarding this human rights abuse we may certainly help enlighten those who do not truly know what is going on within our so-called democratic society. However, the bottom line is this: As the Freemasonic Brotherhood is inextricably interwoven into the highest levels of government, legal, social and media industries, as well as all other facets of our society, we cannot expect any real supportive force to stop these terrorist attacks via the use of Frequency Weapons or any other form of social control.

Any genuine effort attempting to expose this atrocity by any open-hearted and minded official within any part of our social structure will eventually be thwarted directly or indirectly. Usually this comes down to the underlying cliche… “due to National Security”. Behind this cliche we can clearly read “due to the security of the Brotherhood Agenda to keep the masses in ignorance and fear, therefore easy to manipulate and control, toward total world domination.”


For a successful and total expose and therefore eventual destruction of Psychotronic/Frequency Weapons, Total Public Awareness is the key. Any active method towards this goal, is one step nearer, not only to the destruction of these weapons but also the freedom of the human race.

Self-empowerment is also paramount to our freedom and is an absolute necessity toward this cause. There are countless methods of self-empowerment, and only the individual can find the right way for themselves. A self-empowered person does not expect anyone to tackle any problem or fight any fight for them, yet genuinely and unconditionally helps others with theirs.

Unlike anyone within the Brotherhood network, a self-empowered person does not take any energy, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, from any other person, unless it is freely given. A self-empowered person does not, within their means and capabilities, allow another person to take their energy from them – unless it is freely given.

Self-empowerment is a continuous and never-ending process, and should be widely encouraged by those who seek it’s wonderful and powerful qualities. More and more people around the world are now standing in their own power and becoming free. Eventually when the human race reaches critical mass of becoming self-empowered, those who wish to manipulate and control us with all their means will be left behind, as they will have no-one else to control. Then and only then will the people of the world become free. The responsibility starts with each and every one of us.”

Freeing Yourself of Psychic Assault and Mind Control Agendas

I, Sonic Nova, can help you remedy yourself from psychic attacks and mind control agendas. I have helped people around the world to rid themselves and their environments of psychic attacks and the disquieting psychic attack symptoms. Many sufferers of a psychic attack believe they are going insane, or will even die. This is part of the mind-control aspect of these attacks, and I can get you free from it all in relatively short order!