Well, here we are, at the 11:11 galactic portal of ascension, where we find we can actually be the light, and can almost instantaneously manifest miracles, or the desires we wish to see made real in our lives and the world! This is a time of a coming to a much higher, greater, new awareness of life, and our place in the big picture. What we are collectively seeing is that we play a far more significant part in that big picture of reality than was taught to us, or which we had relegated ourselves to. And with the new moon in Scorpio tomorrow, the possibilities for higher consciousness transformation of what had kept us (ourselves and humanity at large) in the darkness of false belief systems into a glorious new picture of our place in the Universe are truly immense!

11:11, whether marked on a clock or calendar, denotes a gateway for ascending into higher consciousness and manifesting miracles – as it always has. Let this new vibration usher in the needed change you wish to see and be in your life, as this current gateway finally sweeps away the remnants of rigid, ignorant belief systems and ideologies, and all that has held us back from being who and what we truly are. So, that begs the question, “Who and what are you?” Are you someone who is content to simply “go along to get along,” or are you something much more magnificent, miraculous, and powerful? Instead of a bank clerk, say, could you be the next Picasso, or Einstein, or Tesla? Or, failing that, how about someone who abrogates the rat race and convention to become an emissary of goodwill, in your own private way? The key here is transmutation and transformation – of the old, stagnant, dysfunctional ways and means of being, into the newly-consecrated, conceived, and miracles manifested into this reality that sorely needs a good sweeping!

Most of you know that you are living at less than your TRUE potential. Sure, maybe you excelled in your particular career, and perhaps even went to the top, but…was it in a line of work that brought you real satisfaction at the soul level? Even at the emotional-spiritual level? Many of you don’t even have that, choosing to live lives of “quiet desperation,” but that can all come to a sudden and life-transmogrifying halt in this time frame of great changes sweeping out the old and ushering in the new – built upon your deepest desires! Yes, it is a myth that Buddha said to kill desire. Quite the contrary! What we are learning en masse is that all indoctrinated belief systems that have been standardized have had some kernel of untruth, but NOW is the time to see truth clearly for ourselves, and walk through the 11:11 galactic portal of ascension and manifest miracles of your deepest, most desirous intentions!