Could it be time, dear readers, to forego the rampant addictions to the world wide web and rediscover the web of life? I realize the irony of urging this via blog post, and I realize most of you now reading this, or who are members or regulars of mine already realize the dangers of “living online,” and so curtail your time online. Still, I want to broach the subject of humanity’s supplanting of real life with virtual reality, or online reality. To those of you chronic internet surfers clicking in: When was the last time you took a walk in a forest? Walked with a lover in the rain? Turned out all the lights and switched off ALL electronic devices in your home and watched a storm flash across the sky? We as humans on Planet Earth have become DANGEROUSLY detached from the web of life, and have deified technology and the world wide web – to the detriment of ourselves, our family members, spouses, children, and fellow humans. Not to mention our fellow members of the ecology, such as the birds, bees, trees, flowers, rivers, oceans, etc.

There’s A World Wide Web of Life Out There

It seems painfully ridiculous to me, the concept of having to remind my fellow humans of this – that life is largely happening elsewhere besides your iPhone, iPad, or PC. That yes, you can find out some interesting and useful facts on the internet, but in the end, it is just a TOOL, like any other. And yes, you can find oracles and healers – like me on it – but, I ask you, When was the last time you nurtured the growth of something wholly unlike yourself? I’m talking cats, plants, flowers, trees, fish, a garden…And, that’s not to say that engendering your own growth isn’t important, because it is paramount, but what if each and every one of us thought solely about others besides ourselves tomorrow? And tomorrow, and tomorrow?

That alone may really push the already shifted balance over to an unraveling of this malignant narcissism (to borrow the term from a certain writer) which has plagued and corroded this land down to the socially desiccated waste land we now inhabit. Are you going to commit to making your world wide web one which is organic, living, breathing, growing – or, will you fall back into the clickity-clicking habit on your iPads, iPhones and PCs which is dehumanizing and destroying our innate sense of ourselves and our world?