Core Explanation of the RV/RI skill-set I do for clients with my Remote Viewing and Influencing Services

Harnessing of the Superpowers of the Mind

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target or future potential by using subjective means; in particular:

1. Fully seeing with my third eye which is holographic in nature; 

2. Fully sensing with my heart center what feelings the subject has at the moment or has had; 

3. Fully reading their thoughts with my telepathic capabilities, reading their hidden thoughts or agenda in regards to you my client; 

4. I’m also able to read the targets’ current thoughts; 

5. This Remote Viewing capability allows me to assist in doing remote medical intuitive healing sessions.

6. My Remote Viewing skills allow me to peer into your present circumstances, health issues, relationship issues, animal issues, business issues, employment issues, test issues, or other events, with a holographic mind. 

Typically a remote viewer is able to give information about an object, event, person, situation or location which is hidden from view and separated by distance.  In order to successfully remote view, an individual must operate at a level of mind where he/she will show electrical brain wave traces with Theta waves oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second being predominate.  Psycho-physiologists call this the Deep Theta level of the mind.


The deep Theta zone is precisely at the interface with the Delta level of mind (deep sleep) where the human brain waves oscillate between 1 to 4 cycles per second. Only Remote Viewers and Influencers can operate in a waking state at this Theta level of Mind.


I will attempt to express this in a metaphorical way: Alike icebergs afloat on the ocean, life-forms as separate creative thought processes, are but time/space expressions of the infinite waters of the Universal ocean. So ultimately I become the subject through the One Mind which the inquirer is asking about. People cling solidly to that misperception that they are separate from The Universal Mind to which I (and they) have full access. For the most part, people often refuse to accept that they are, as water is homogeneous or self-same, we are all interconnected through The Universal Mind. That in reality, no iceberg is really taller or smaller than another, for they all come from the same, and they all go back to the same. That their power, or ego, is all illusory, and temporal.  Ultimately, there is only One Universal Mind, One Intelligence,expressing and experiencing itself through all of its life forms, certain or material, or unattached. The “kingdom” is “within,” not “outside of ourselves”.  Such an understanding finally explains why the “King” as the Universal Mind is within each one of us within all life, and why we are all, as space/time manifestations of It (the “Kingdom”), within It. One reflects the other.  After all, this is a holographic Universe. Your mind (Spirit) is not bound by or trapped in a “material” body. It is only bound by and connected to the physical senses that make you aware of a physical reality.

Corporate and personal remote viewing consulting gives you an edge when needing to choose the most desirable probable future path when faced with key decisions.

My Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing skills can assist you in the following areas:

* Relationship counseling and solving of unexplained marital or partnership problems.  

* Probable and future potential outcome of personal, corporate or financial business decision matrix. 

* Advanced assessment and mapping of Future Potential Probability Waves in 5 areas of life Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Mental for personal, business use. 

* Remote medical intuitive healings “ENERGY MEDICIN SURGEON”. 

* Learning to erase and replace traumatic repressed or recalled memories that condition destructive behavioral patterns. 

* Teach individuals to become much more creative and tap into the deep subconscious mind to uncover previous triggers to be unwound and re-program positive neuro-net circuitry outcomes. 

* Coaching young minds 18 years to 24 to become the super-empowered creative individuals that are so much needed in this new challenging millennium.

* Coaching to greatly enhance one’s personal healing abilities both for the self and for loved ones. 

* Coaching to become a potent reality producer/creator. 

* Personal coaching of trainees in order to enhance their intuitive abilities. 

* Remote influencing support & coaching. 

* Remote influencing of individuals future potential events for positive results. 

* Remote locating of lost objects and pets.