Well, humans, it’s time to give yourself a big pat on the back – for making it to the higher consciousness new paradigm of 5D (fifth dimensional) vibration of ascension, where we can finally experience unconditional love and the dream of our potential unfolding into a glorious reality! Take a look around you, feel and look within and ask yourself – Is the world falling apart, or coming together at last? Sure, there are some troubling things happening in our world, but they are being seen for exactly what they are – the low-vibrational, deadly hijinks propagated by a few in power in order to keep the vibrations of fear, chaos, death, and mayhem going, so that they can rule in their inauthentic power paradigm indefinitely. But, we who know better see that that old dog who can learn no new tricks is beginning to die of cancer, as it is at last reaping the karma it can no longer avoid. I, Sonic Nova Psychic, am speaking of course about the so-called new world order and its death games finally going the way of the dodo bird.

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In this new paradigm of higher consciousness, quantum love, and instantaneous manifestation of the world we truly want to create we are feeling that the old world – that which our schools, parents, TV and media taught us was real – is actually one big lie. We are seeing and feeling that linear time itself is a lie, and that we truly are timeless beings, with, actually, quantum, interdimensional DNA (what “experts” have termed “junk” DNA) which allows us to experience the totality of creation by just going within and meditating, and traveling across the Universe at the speed of thought, which is much faster than light speed.

You may be requiring some assistance in this time frame of both chaos and grand new designs unfolding – which can cause much confusion, doubt, and other negative emotions along with the uplift in consciousness and ascension process – and I, Sonic Nova Psychic, can help you make sense of this time of great changes! Sign up for my classes, or get a reading regarding your future, love life, money and career, or let me be your medium or channel between the other dimensions beyond the visible reality, so that I can bring you clarity, assurance, and truth. Indeed, I am an oracle, to the manner born, who can bridge the gaps in perception and decipher the often confusing information in this higher consciousness new paradigm and give you a picture of your true self and destiny during the ascension process!