This is truly an extraordinary and auspicious time for us on Planet Earth, as we are entering the “Ganesha Portal” and kind of cosmic gateway from Sept. 23-28 – what adepts and ascended masters such as Anna Merkaba, the Arcturians, and Archangel Michael have all characterized in their own ways as the most monumental time in our human and Earth history! Ganesha is the “Lord of Success,” remover of obstacles, vanquisher of evil, vanity, selfishness, and pride, repression, and also the granter of triumph, awakening, authentic power, benevolence, purification, love, and light. The time is NOW, and we are reaching a kind of singularity, or still point in our human evolution, and the awakening is coming to a crescendo which will have truly cosmic repercussions.

With Mercury having gone into retrograde Sept. 17th, which augurs clear and direct communication, and Saturn stationing in Sagittarius, there will likely be a huge shake-up in outmoded, traditional belief systems that no longer serve our new, more highly-evolving bodies, minds, and spirits. Ganesha as the celebrated Hindu god of luck, fortune, and protection will literally bulldoze those who are misusing wisdom and belief systems, or who continue to suffer under misconceptions and illusions which cause suffering. This includes those who labor beneath fears of all types, and act from those pernicious illusions that allow stagnation or inauthentic action.

This blood moon and lunar eclipse, which occurs on Sept. 27th to 28th (depending on where you are in the world) and lasts 3 hours 20 minutes, will be like an astronomical magnet for the great changes which Ganesha and the other gods of fortune will sweep in to our world, which direly needs the purgation and purification. I, Sonic Nova, can help you to better discern what these changes denoted in the heavenly bodies will hold in store for you! There is no need at all to fear the shake-ups that will occur in the systems and institutions of our world – but there is every reason to celebrate, as all which does not serve the greater good will verily be falling away into the abyss!

Now is the time to truly image what you want in the world, and make it into a reality. The full moon lunar eclipse and “blood moon” tidings constitute a great message and sort of “cosmic broom” for mankind and the planet entire! Where do you want to be? What do you want to be? What kind of world do you want to see? Call me, Sonic Nova, today, and I will advise you on how best you can navigate and harness the power of the lunar eclipse, blood moon, and Ganesha portal!