I’m proud to announce to you, my faithful audience, that my new book “We All Go to Heaven” is ready for imminent release. It is an autobiography of me, Sonic Nova, a.k.a. Sonia Novick, as well as “New Age” philosophy. It tells the tale of my life growing up in Mexico City, my two death experiences, family and relationship troubles, encounter with and channelings of ET intelligences, and mystical experiences, among other things. If you’ve had readings from me and have enjoyed my website and the information gleaned therefrom, I believe you will greatly appreciate this book.

The title of this book, also, is geared toward those with an unshakable belief that only certain individuals are selected to go to heaven, while others must be judged unworthy and sent to hell. I’m here to tell you that this notion is ridiculous and erroneous, and that it is time for this wicked presumption to die its little death and clear the air for right thinking. It’s all up to us what kind of life – and afterlife – we create for ourselves. We can have heaven or hell on Earth – or in the next incarnation. We are the masters of our lives and destinies, is the central message of my book, and I am confident it will have an inspirational effect on my readers.

Here is an excerpt from it to whet your appetite, and I will post the link where you can buy it soon:

“Many are they who come to me in fear or a kind of blind confusion, and who ask, “Is there a God?” “Will I go to Hell?” or a line of usual questions that reflect this dis-ease that is plaguing our planet, involving our extremely limited, “dumbed-down” spiritual, historical, and cosmic awareness. But once you cast off this mantle of spiritual-religious fear and misapprehension, you clear the way for true spiritual learning and self-realization. You literally open yourself up to true growth and higher consciousness, beyond the rote inculcations of tradition which have strangled human spiritual progress, or have helped to in a huge way.

Time after time do I hear the same fears, misgivings, and programmed behavior of those who have looked for answers “out there,” whether it’s regarding their love life, spiritual life, or financial and career wisdom. Yes, even the financial and career advice can be found within, though someone like me can guide you to open and walk through those doors of knowledge that may seem alien to you, but yes, you have a financial guru within you in addition to the love and spiritual guidance of your infinite self. Tune in and listen to that still small voice inside you, which will tell you what you really are (in terms of job or career) and how to call in the “green energy” of monetary abundance. There are tips you can pick up out there, and again, I am a wayshower for this kind of thing, but ONLY YOU can decide to walk through those doors of personal choice.

All of this supports the idea of creating your own Heaven on Earth. It is created in the eternal NOW, not someday, after death, through some salvation awaited upon after bowing to false power your whole lives. I want you to understand this concept of creating your life in the NOW and how it is absolute! This is the Law of One, the singularity principle that is our HUMAN sovereignty, which no other being may destroy, usurp, or co-opt. Once you opt out of the belief systems which have helped to keep humanity in the dark ages, and fully subscribe to your spirit and soul’s command, will you then be fully ready to raise your vibration to a level which resonates with the creation of your heart’s desires. This is the main obstacle to people getting what they want in life – not being in resonance with their higher spiritual energy and self-perfecting aims.

You have to give yourself the respect enough and time enough to listen to what your eternal self is saying. Shut off anything mainstream, as that is ALL propaganda, any way you cut it. Even if it is simply a distraction, it is leading you astray from yourself and your OWN creativity. Now, many of you might reply, “Well, that’s just what I want at the end of the day – a distraction.” Yes, a distraction, from all your sorrows and hardships which, ironically, are caused by being distracted out of resonance with yourself and your frequency of growth and perfection! So, we have a deadly catch-22 here on Planet Earth, then: Plug in to the media machine of distraction in order to give you an escape from your drudgery, or unplug from that malarkey, and plug in to YOUR OWN, far superior and uplifting creative media machine – YOUR IMAGINATION – and resonate more with who you are (instead of being a media-manipulated slave to their programming).”